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Vouchera Has Announced a KickStarter for Their Dog Travel Bag

Looking to fund the project through crowdsourcing via Kickstarter, Waggler and Vouchera have joined forces.


East London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- London-based startup Vouchera has announced a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for their new travel bag: Waggler, a dog travel kit that simplifies the entire traveling experience, eliminating the need to carry a bulky bag with all doggy essentials while away from home, including most importantly a sleeping blanket big enough for a traveling Labrador.

It’s estimated that over 51% of pet owners travel with their pets. Dogs being the leader of the pack when it comes to vacation time with their owner. In fact dogs are going all over the place these days, if it’s not a weekend getaway at the cottage, it’s a day at doggie day care, a visit to a doggie hotel and spa, or maybe a day at the office. Waggler is working towards making it easy to bring along dog’s essential in a two compartment slim-line bag.

As a dog owner who travels with her dog Maggie, My number one priority is my pet’s safety and comfort. Currently gathering up all dog’s essentials for a road trip or a visit to grandma’s consisted of a large IKEA-like bag stuffed with all the things that will keep dog happy. It was bulky and awkward to carry. The Waggler dog travel bag allows me to pack up to 7 cups of kibble, treats, bowl, papers, poo bags and toys and the all-important sleeping blanket.

Co-Founder of Waggler, May Ownes is an avid dog lover and traveler herself, and came up with the idea while traveling the world with her dog Maggie “It just makes sense,” said Mae. “I was surprised that I couldn’t find something that was stylish yet function and carried my dog’s essential while on the road. anyone know how it is...they pack a small weekend bag for them and when they start packing them dogs things, it start feel like they’re moving house.–Wag N Go solves that with it two compartment design containing fresh seal containers for food at the base and the all-important sleeping blanket in the drawstring top. Vets agree, a dog having its own sleeping blanket helps them feel more secure and comfortable by reminding a dog of home. Perfect if they’re dropping their dog off with the pet-sitter." Vouchera is planning to team up with to bring the product to market.

Waggler is the same size and shape as a slim-line ruck sack, and therefore it can easily be tossed over one's shoulder for easy carrying via the shoulder strap. The stretchy mess pockets on the outside can carry extras, like paperwork, toys or even one's personal things such as everyone's iPhone, and there is even a poo bag holder and dispenser pocket for quick pickups.Wag N Go can also be used if anyone plan to take their dog out for the day, or at the office “It really is an easy way to travel with their pet”, says Jean Barry, an avid supporter of the Waggler bag. “We really think this can help people and dogs alike who are on the go and away from home.”

About Vouchera
Based in East London, Vouchera finds deals and discounts for a plethora of items including pet food, dog treats and more. They have a full-time staff of 8 and have offices in London and Belfast.