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Vound Software Introduces Intella P.I.


Evergreen, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- Vound Software, a leading firm specializing in intelligent search solutions, now offers Intella® P.I. software. This program offers a powerful process, search and analysis tool that helps users find critical data quickly and effectively.

Intella® P.I. offers solutions for information governance, early case assessment, case review and trial preparation through state-of-the-art eDiscovery software. By reducing time, costs and personnel needed for EDRM or electronic discovery reference model, Intella® P.I. allows clients to perform searches in the most efficient manner possible. Intella® P.I. also creates Load Files, a feature not normally found in a product at this price.

According to Peter Mercer, CTO, "Our software allows our clients to search, preview and produce email, attachments and metadata easily, no matter what source they are using. This email investigation tool is the best available, so we offer it to our clients to allow them to search with ease. Users can quickly scan data files, embedded images, headers, archives and cell phones to mine all available data using Intella® P.I."

Not only does the software allow quick and accurate scanning, but the unique Cluster Map allows users to visualize relevant relationships and timelines within the custodial framework. Users can quickly find Electronically Stored Information (ESI), then drill down to the most pertinent evidence.

For more information about Intella® P.I. software and Vound Software's services, visit the company website at or

About Vound Software
Founded in 2008, Vound Software is a leading global vendor of technology for use in forensic search, e-Discovery and information governance. The company's Intella® range of e-Discovery and digital investigation software has been used by banks, law enforcement agencies and the government for taking in large collections of data and allowing users to quickly perform searches and find the most pertinent evidence. Vound minimizes the need for experts and significantly cuts time and costs for investigations, audit requests and e-Discovery.

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