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VPN Mag Publishes New VPN Service Reviews in a Range of New Categories Including iPhone

VPN Mag has begun looking at the best VPN service according to its provision for particular circumstances and the first in the series looks at the best VPN for the iPhone.


Stanford, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- Recent celebrity scandals, where nude pictures were stolen and syndicated online, demonstrate just how vulnerable data is in the 21st century. The media attention gained by the attacks has made many people conscious of their own online security and anonymity, and made people aware of the need to protect their devices as well as their PCs. VPN Mag helps people hide themselves when accessing the internet from any device, and has recently published reviews of the best VPN service for iPhone users, enabling them to protect their data and act anonymously online.

The Best VPN Service Reviews by VPNMag.co.uk had previously revealed HideMyAss as the best overall Virtual Private Network of 2014 after a comprehensive comparison review, and has now embarked on finding the best VPN provide by interface, starting with the iPhone.

The iPhone VPN review (http://www.vpnmag.co.uk/best-vpn-for-iphone/) has three companies shortlisted, including HideMyAss but also welcoming IP Vanish and Private Internet Access, all of which feature optimized packages for use on iPhone. The use of a VPN on an iPhone will help users not only to anonymize themselves but protect their data from being accessed.

A spokesperson for VPN Mag explained, “The iPhone uses an operating system like any other computing device, and as such it is vulnerable to being hacked, tracked and more. To help people prevent their phones from giving malicious influences a way in, they can use Virtual Private Networks which redirect and anonymize their online activity through proxy servers. HideMyAss has over six hundred and fifty servers in 77 countries, making it impossible for people to locate the source of the action or trace it back to hack a device. Private Internet Access has over 1.5 thousand in 10 countries, prioritizing speed. As such, one of these providers will be a perfect fit for any need.”

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