Vratim Launches New and Improved Website


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2015 -- Vratim, a UCF student's music inspired clothing company, recently launched an innovative website. The updated website improves the user experience and provides insight into Vratim's showcase. The new website has a new layout along with user-friendly navigation.

Marketing manager Thomas Filbert stated, "Businesses need to maintain improved technology in order to compete, and to provide paramount customer experience. The purpose of the website modification was to make our clothing line information easily available to potential and current customers. Additionally, we have showcased many features that can help customers compare clothes and shoes to choose the ideal product for their music inspired clothing needs."

Vratim's technology team used a forward-looking approach to design the website. The priority was to provide visual appeal while making it informative for customers. The new website benefits the user by allowing access to required information with only a few clicks. For example, the featured products pages include information about new summer clothes featuring men's shorts, women's crop tops, skirts, and belts. The newly launched website contains a robust product line page along with new t-shirt designs are expected to be released throughout the 2015 summer.

About Vratim
Vratim is one of the foremost providers of music inspired clothing. Vratim specializes in clothes featuring men's shorts, women's crop tops and skirts, belts, and drumming shoes.

Contact Info for Vratim
Phone: 321-806-3249