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Vérité Productions Launches Video Production NYC to Engage New Client Base

Vérité Productions has opened its doors to corporate clients, while retaining its unique cinematic flair.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- Video production has never been more essential to companies, with the rise of online video and sites like YouTube, in which video advertising has the potential to reach millions of viewers via social media. Thankfully, due to technological advancements in film making, high quality work is now produced more affordably than ever, meaning rates depend more on the expertise and skill of the practitioners than on the investment in equipment. Vérité Productions is a boutique digital filmmaking house in New York that has recently launched a new website aimed at corporate clients.

For those looking for video production in NYC, the company services needs of any scale, from simple thirty second promos to full scale documentaries and films. The website includes news on their latest projects, information on their creative teams and service capabilities, and a quote request form that can allow interested parties to test the water.

The new site also features a video production portfolio that includes samples of some of their most exciting work, so that potential clients can tap into the company’s unique visual style as it is applied to many different kinds of work, including live events, corporate promos, commercials, and entertainment pieces.

A spokesperson for Vérité Productions explained, “Cinema Vérité is a style of filmmaking that seeks truth through observation; a deep look inside a subject that illuminates the finer reality through examining the keen detail of the bigger picture. Vérité Productions takes an inside-out approach, focusing in on the finer details of both great filmmaking and the subject, while utilizing a mission-critical approach to always convey a clear and concise message. In this way, authenticity and integrity are guaranteed to be infused through video content that accurately and effectively represents a company’s brand and message. Unlike other film makers of our standard we understand and appreciate commerce as much as art so our focus it on making stunning pieces that also translate the better profits for our clients.”

About Video Production NYC
Video Production NYC is the website of Vérité Productions. Clients consistently praise their ability to convey their message clearly, as well as their flawless technique, which allows the content to be the shining star. Above all else, their focus on great customer service and relationship-building is what keeps their customers coming back. With an unrivalled turnaround time, from pre-production to post-production editing, customers always walk away happy. For more information, please visit: http://videoproduction-nyc.com/