VTG Rail Inc.

VTG Rail Offering Railcar Leasing Options

Leasing a cost-effective alternative to outright purchasing


Edwardsville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2013 -- Railcars are expensive assets, however new leasing options are creating cost-effective opportunities for shippers.

Leasing is a way for companies to get quick, comparatively inexpensive access to necessary resources, giving them the ability to generate income immediately without ownership obligations. Leasing can be an especially effective approach with large ticket items that can deplete an organization’s capital. Railcar leasing lets companies put cars into use and transport their necessary products, equipment and resources right away and at minimal expenditure.

VTG Rail is a railcar leasing company dedicated to providing businesses with the railcars that they need to keep their operations running. They offer both full-service and net leases for hopper cars, flat cars, tank cars, and other varieties of railroad freight cars. Their cars run across North America and are equipped to handle nearly any kind of material.

To see all of VTG Rail’s available railcar options, materials handled, and leasing options, visit their website. To speak with a VTG representative directly, call their offices at (618) 343-0600 or visit in person at either of their Edwardsville, Illinois or McAllen, Texas locations.

About VTG Rail
VTG Rail has been buying, selling, and leasing railcars to companies in need for over 25 years. Their staff has decades of experience in the industry and their Total Quality Management approach ensures that all customers receive the time, attention, and information that they need to make the right choices for their specific needs.