Vuba Supplies Delivers Top Quality Floor Paint Worldwide


Brough, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- Vuba Supplies continues to lead the way as a worldwide flooring expert with top quality industrial floor paint to suit any kind of situation.

Industrial floors experience a lot of wear and tear, whether it comes from major foot traffic or the frequent passage of heavy equipment. Such surfaces must thus be constructed to withstand this kind of rough treatment, from the concrete up the paint that coats it. This is where Vuba comes in. Stocking a wide range of industrial floor paint and garage floor paint suitable for any kind of indoor or outdoor environment, they can be relied on to provide exactly the right products for your needs.

Attractive and high performance paints for both interior and exterior floors are available, making for a worthwhile long-term investment in the construction process. Features such as anti-slip and anti-static systems are available for almost all of their paint selections, as additives or as separate coatings to be applied during the painting process. Permanent line marking paint for everything from garages to football pitches can be had as well. These all make Vuba’s floor paints truly versatile and functional.

In addition to top quality products, this company also offers excellent service. Next-day delivery is available for most items at standard price, and delivery is free for all orders above £500. You can even contact their team for technical advice on their products through the company hotline, email, or even live chat. And if you need help with your paint, they can easily send a professional installation team to handle the job. Though they are based in Yorkshire, Vuba Supplies operates throughout the UK, and can even deliver their paints anywhere in the world. Phone Vuba or send them an email to find out what they can do for your floors.