Vulcan to Launch Online Electronic Cigarette & E-Liquid Store

In addition to their other online businesses, Vulcan are to launch a new website store selling electronic cigarettes in the coming weeks.


Dublin, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- Based in Dublin Ireland, Vulcan are an online marketing company and market a variety of innovative products. With the growing demand for the electronic cigarette or e-cigs, they have decided to enter the market and add their own twist to it.

Jack Carter, their marketing strategist said, "We've actually been looking at this electronic cigarette industry for quite some time now but with electronic cigarettes being such an unknown quantity from a health perspective, we decided we should wait and see what happens" He went on to say, "Nobody really knew if there were any health side effects by using electronic cigarettes and while there have been some studies there has never been any conclusive evidence either way.

The FDA did do some testing recently on electronic cigarettes but most people in the industry were very sceptical of the results as the testing done was very limited in scope and results were never compared to actual smoking of tobacco. The FDA have been asked to release the results publicly but have yet to do so.

When asked about the website itself, the marketing strategist for Vulcan Jack Carter was keeping his cards very close to his chest. "Of course, we have had a good look at the competition out there and thought long and hard about how we can offer a better product and service.

He did however say, "I can only tell you that we have a few ideas that are quite innovative and hopefully they will be appreciated by our customers. We've seen some companies offer electronic gimmicks with their product but Vulcan have always felt the same way about technology. It must serve a real purpose and fulfil a genuine need. Offering a gimmick does not do this and can actually damage a brand as a whole.

When asked about competition, he said, "We love it. It's vital in any industry, if that industry is going to grow and develop the quality of it's product. We have all seen what happens to any product where there is no competition. It just stagnates.

Contact Details:
Vulcan Industries
112 Grafton Street
Contact: Jack carter