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Vytex Windows Provide Superior Energy Savings


Centreville, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- Window replacement is an extremely important task when it comes to improving and updating your house. It is essential not only for the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, but also for the security of your family. So when choosing what type of windows you would like to have in your home, it is essential to not compromise on quality. Today, Vytex Windows are the industry leader in strength, style, and energy efficiency.

If your home was built in the last 40 (or so) years, and the windows have never been replaced, chances are good that you have window frames that are made of aluminum. Aluminum was once favored because it is lightweight, strong, and cost efficient. But as you have probably already noticed, over time it breaks down and becomes unattractive. Your windows may look crooked or rusted, or they may be impossible to open and close. During the winter time, you probably feel powerful drafts blowing through the seals. And on a cold morning, you may even have to scrape little bits of ice off of the inside of your aluminum window frames. Today, Vytex custom vinyl windows have surpassed the standards for strength and durability that were once set by aluminum. Vytex windows are durable and extremely long lasting. They are specially designed to close and lock securely, offering both complete security and added protection against the outdoor elements.

While Vytex windows offer unsurpassed strength and security, they also provide elegant style. Vytex windows’ special PVC construction enables them to resist nicks and scratches, which keeps them looking new for years. Furthermore, there is very little maintenance involved with keeping them looking good as new. They resist denting and never need to be painted. With multiple shapes, designs, and sizes available, there is a style of Vytex to fit every home.

While looks are unquestionably important, it is imperative for replacement windows to offer energy efficiency, too, to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home. Energy efficient windows reduce your electricity and fuel usage, thereby reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Each signature Vytex window style eliminates the drafts and leaks that are caused by inefficient windows. One standout design is the Potomac-hp Series. This is one of the world’s most efficient window replacement systems. It provides up to R-6 performance, meaning that its energy efficiency is two times greater than the 2010 Energy Star® rating requirements. Comparatively, a typical single-pane commercial window offers only R-1 performance. This change can amount to substantial savings on your heating and cooling bill each year.

For strength, style, and energy efficiency, Vytex vinyl windows are the best choice in window replacement today. For a free estimate on Vytex window installation in your home, please contact contact Exterior Home Center today.