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Wah Wah Watson Music Releases New Single Featuring Ray Parker Jr

Rainy Songs – Danmark Music Group – Wah Wah Watson Music Sign Digital Pact


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2012 -- Rainy Songs Entertainment – Danmark Music Group U.S.A. CEO, Rainy Davis announces the signing of international distribution deal with “Wah Wah Watson Music” the first rhythm and blues digital music label established by one of the original innovators of The Motown Sound, “Melvin Ragin p/k/a “Wah Wah Watson”

On July 4th of this year, world renowned musician, songwriter, producer Wah Wah Watson signed an international digital distribution deal with Rainy Songs Entertainment – Danmark Music Group U.S.A.

What prompted him to make his decision to unleash his new digital label “Wah Wah Watson Music” was a long time relationship with Grammy nominated songwriters Pete Warner and Rainy Davis and the music distribution technology and tools Rainysongs Entertainment – Danmark Music Group USA headquarters brings to the table. The RDS System is developed and powered by Rainy’s European partners, Danmark Music Group Ltd., Dan Hougesen and Mark Wills who besides being software technology mavens are also professional artists, songwriters, musicians and producers that rock!

Watson loves the idea of being in control of his music and that’s what helped him in his decision to come on board. Because he always remains in sync with the most advanced music technology and his style of playing is unique since the early days in Detroit at Motown’s “Hitsville” recording studios to the incredible music he creates in his own studio in southern California today this was undoubtedly the perfect match.

The labels first single “I Just Can’t Go On” is on-deck for release from Ghostbusters music composer / artist Ray Parker Jr. The amassed music skills and experience from Parker & Watson is now being unleashed with a sound and style that radio and music buyers will embrace worldwide!

Melvin “Wah Wah” Ragin is the guitar virtuoso that created such a mesmerizing sound with his guitar that it has often been imitated by wanna be Watsons but absolutely no one has ever been able to duplicate his sound or style.

His implementation and combination of the wah-wah pedal, echoplex, talkbox, and fuzzbox combined with an uncanny ability to place rhythm guitar lines on any track regardless of the music genre makes him one of the most sought after guitarists on the planet. For years his name has often been confused and it’s time now to set the record straight. In addition to Melvin Ragin, his friends refer to him as “Wah Wah” but his salutation of choice is “Wah Wah Watson”.

His equipment list includes multiple Mac and PC computer systems, Logic, Pro Tools, Propellerhead software, Digi Sampler, and certainly his custom made wah-wah pedal, echoplex, talkbox, and fuzzbox, Mutrons, phasers and octave dividers. His guitar of choice is his baby, a customized L5 semi hollow body Gibson. Wah Wah Watson Music is now using this software system with digital distribution (exclusively available in North and South Americas through Rainy Songs - Danmark Music Group USA).

He’s now empowered with total control of his digital distribution and also has the ability to handle unlimited digital labels and artists globally.

Wah Wah Watson has initiated his digital strategies to musically assemble some of the biggest hit makers in music into one tight little circle including.; Herbie Hancock, Maxwell, Cheryl Lynn, Butterscotch, Mavis Staples, Phil Upchurch, Rainy Davis, Pete Warner and of course the man responsible for #1 hit song from Ghostbusters, Mr. Ray Parker Jr.


The labels initial release “I Just Can’t Go On” is a collaboration of Parker and Watson with a little help from good friend and guitar master Mr. Phil Upchurch. This mid-tempo super jam produced by Wah Wah Watson with the lyrics written by Watson and Dominique Winn has all the ingredients that make R&B music what it is today.

Combined with a masterful vocal performance and phrasing delivered by Ray Parker Jr., the single, “I Just Can’t Go On” eloquently conveys a message that expresses concern for a love relationship that’s come to the end of the road. He does a magnificent job utilizing the signature Ray Parker Jr. style of crooning and shares his side of the heartbreak and concern for both parties to end the love affair, let go, now that the love is gone.


On August 24th, we will release several unbiased interview segments that will unveil untold facts concerning the musical journey and friendship (from the beginning) of super star musicians Ray Parker Jr. & Wah Wah Watson.

About WAH WAH Watson Music
Wah Wah Watson has proven time after time that there ain’t a mountain high enough! from the early days in Detroit as a primary sculptor of the Motown Sound to the hit records you rock today. His Wah Wah signature can be heard on over one-hundred and fifty number 1 records from Marvin Gaye, Bobby Taylor and the Vancouver’s, The Jackson 5, The Temptations, Diana Ross, Rose Royce, Smokey Robinson, Rare Earth, Barry White, John Lee Hooker, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Blondie, to Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, Maxwell, Alicia Keys and Quincy Jones.

Unlike various companies releasing re-issued product, Wah Wah Watson Music Label will be releasing new product and relevant never before released product spanning over previous decades. More importantly creating new music with writers, musicians, artists and producers that made r&b and hip-hop what it is today.

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