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Wainwright Therapy Centre Publishes New Information Concerning Osteopathy in the UK

Wainwrighttherapycentre.co.uk reports patients receive total health care when visiting the centre, rather than having to visit multiple locations


Sheffield, South Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2014 -- Osteopathy continues to increase in popularity in the United Kingdom, with 30,000 people, on average, consulting an Osteopath every business day. According to the UK Statutory Register of Osteopaths, 4,835 practice this medical discipline within the UK, with men and women equally choosing to pursue this field. One reason many turn to a Sheffield Osteopath lies in the fact the physicians see patients quickly. Most patients find they are seen within one working day of requesting an appointment.

"Osteopaths treat a wide range of medical conditions, including back and neck pain, repetitive strain injuries, arthritic pain, sports injuries, and more. Those of every age benefit from treatment through an osteopath, including senior citizens and young children. Pregnancy doesn't prevent one from receiving treatment from an osteopath either," Jan Birch, spokesperson for Wainwright Therapy Centre, states.

Private insurers recognize the importance of this medical discipline, with most now choosing to cover Sheffield Osteopathy treatment. The public would like to see the NHS provide treatment of this type, with 88 percent believe they should or already do so. The majority of osteopathy patients, 80 percent, fund their own care when it comes to this type of care, yet are more than willing to do so as they feel there are numerous benefits to making use of an osteopath.

Individuals turn to an osteopath when they wish to obtain whole body treatment, treatment which typically doesn't rely on prescription medications and/or alternative drugs. This reduces the risk of toxicity and other side effects. In addition, the treatment tends to be more extensive, as it works to ensure all parts of the body function together as a whole. Common injuries benefit from the use of osteopathy, and individuals find they receive guidance on all aspects of their health, including information on proper posture, nutrition, and exercise, Birch explains.

In addition to offering osteopathy, the center provides colon hydrotherapy, nutritional therapy, counseling and psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and more. One finds they receive the treatment they need when making use of Wainwright Therapy Centre.

"An osteopath treats the entire person, rather than focusing on specific symptoms and their treatment. Individuals find they suffer from fewer injuries and illnesses, as the focus moves to prevention rather than treatment. Although not everyone benefits from care through an osteopath, such as those suffering from cancer and bone disease, many find osteopathy is exactly what they need to achieve their health and fitness goals. With the additional services offered through the centre, many discover they don't need to look elsewhere to meet all of their health care needs," Birch proclaims.

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