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Wait for the Thunder: Buck Jones' New Book Saddles up for Western Success

Fusing his own vast life experiences with the hallmarks of a classic Western tale, Buck Jones announces the launch of ‘Wait…Wait for the Thunder’ – his new, page-gripping cowboy adventure.


Thousand Palms, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2012 -- Fusing the power of romance with cowboys and international conflict, Buck Jones’ ‘Wait…Wait for the Thunder’ is the newest Western novel to take the world by storm.

Covering the period from 1949 to the present, the novel captures the very essence and grandeur of Western lifestyle through true life events experienced by the author. By blending his own life experiences and acquaintances with fiction, Jones has penned a novel that’s guaranteed to have readers holding onto their horses from start to finish.

“This isn’t just an all-American cowboy story. It also tells the stories of hoses, dogs, love and disabled children,” explains Jones, who wanted the book to serve as a motivational mystery about hard work and success.

He continues, “There may not be another book like this, anywhere. I have lived through many of the events in the book, with each experience adding to the quality of the story.”

Jones also hopes that the historical lore and intricately woven finer-details will engage is readers at every twist, corner and surprise.

“Within the world of fiction, the Western genre comes and goes. Really good Westerns are rare and I’m hoping that this book can be the exception to the rule,” Jones adds.

Even though it was only published in April, Wait…Wait for the Thunder is already garnering rave reviews.

“Wait...Wait For The Thunder: is a subtle story telling at its best. A yarn spun from real know-how is what you will get when you pick up this captivating western,” says Rhonda R. Carpenter, who awarded the book five stars on Amazon.com.

Another reader, Jimmy, was equally as impressed.

“I would highly recommend the book to both young and old for a good read. It has love, mystery, travel and history all combined.”

Wait…Wait for the Thunder is available now through Amazon.com.

To find out more, visit the book’s official website: http://www.waitforthethunder.com

Official Synopsis
The song "Riders on the Storm" by artists The Doors is a theme running through this American western novel, set in western Montana. It's a cowboy ranching story of two couples falling in love, interwoven with American Indians, horses and rodeos, and faithful cattle dogs. Beginning in 1949 the main character, a young rancher, is sent to the Korean conflict, and his plane is shot down in aerial combat.

A murder occurs, creating a puzzling mystery for the characters of this fast moving book. As the saying goes, "Who dun it?" Spanning seven decades, and based on the author's personal experiences and others, this historical novel WAIT ... WAIT FOR THE THUNDER has a lightning flash ending.

About the Author, in His Own Words
After retirement in 2007 this personality was at a loss for something to do. Having been employed or self employed for some 65 years, give or take It occurred to me that I had reached the age of maturity and was at a loss on how to fill the time. I volunteered to work for the Special Olympics, painted the house, did some wood carving, yard work and learned to play the harmonica. I took piano lessons. Not my thing. I live in a golf community. Hate golf. I joined a gym and got in top shape.

Two years ago I was at the California Mid-State Rodeo telling stories. One of the cowboys said, “Why don’t you write a book?” Are you kidding me? I can’t write. Just for kicks I wrote an outline. Ten months later I had a book. ”Wait… Wait for the Thunder” is an historical novel spanning eleven decades. Many of the events and stories in the book I lived, and some I experienced vicariously through others.

My uncle Jack Baker taught me to ride when I was a youngster. I did some junior rodeo and spent countless hours riding old Pedro on the trails of the Sacramento and American rivers with my buddy Glen.

One day Glen on Buckaroo and me on Pedro took a camping trip into Desolation Valley near Lake Tahoe, We camped and fished for 2 days and got lost for two days on the way back We were scared tired and hungry when the search party found us. All my uncle Jack said was “Did you cowboys have fun?