Waiter Uses Tips from Restaurant to Write the Book That Hit Amazon's Number One List

Erick Bulatowicz, known for his entrepreneurial spirit Award-winning Business competition in 2012, went from waiter to successful book publishing on Amazon in 60 days.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Erick Bulatowicz was born and raised in Poland, but at age 24 he knew he had to follow business opportunities to London. Working as a waiter due to the recession, Erick saved tip money in order to fund his dream: publishing a book that helps others to achieve entrepreneurial success. In fact, Erick actually interview Sir Richard Branson as part of his research and studies for the book, along with other worldwide business leaders.

Hoping to inspire others, Erick holds the motto that “if you can’t find a job you want, creates one”. With the ideals of a dreamer but the drive of an ambitious of entrepreneur, Erick put his motto to the test when he founded company EB Touch Ltd, which helps people to create brands that will stand out from competitors in the market. The company was founded after Erick won a business contest in 2012, which allowed him access to great thinkers that helped him learn the ropes of running a start-up business.

"Think Like Entrepreneur”, book, was publish in November of 2012 and within three weeks it hit the number one list on Amazon. The book is a guide by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, and shows the importance of having the right mind-set in order to accomplish dreams. Erick believes everyone can achieve their goals if they just obtain the right mind-set first, and this belief is the inspirational backbone for the popular Amazon book. Erick mentions his feelings of gratuity towards those he was able to learn from that helped him to achieve his business success thus far, and wants to share his formula for that success with the rest of the world. As a dreamer who turned his ideals into a reality, Erick has one piece of advice for others: “Avoid just thinking about money but focus on your passion-- find it first and start to work in this direction and money will followed you.”

About Think Like Entrepreneur
“The book is an inspiration for people to chase their dream and go after what they want in life,” “I never had any experience writing a book, but I finished it in 60 days and after three weeks, it hit number one on Amazon. When you focus on what you want in life, results will happen.”

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