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Wake Me Up! Love & the Afterlife Collide as New Book Exposes Author's After-Death Communications with Murdered Fiancé

Recounting the extraordinary experiences of Lyn Ragan, ‘Wake Me Up! Love and The Afterlife’, is proving to thousands that everlasting love and eternal life really do exist. Through first-hand experiences of communicating with her murdered Fiancé, Ragan leaves readers with plenty to think abou,t and confirmation that loved ones are never truly lost.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- The Afterlife has long been a contentious topic in literature. While dozens of different opinions are at play, few books solidify their position with solid fact. However, Lyn Ragan’s, ‘Wake me Up! Love and The Afterlife’, makes a compelling case for life after death through hard evidence that nobody can dispute.

This powerful non-fiction book focuses on the author’s After-Death Communications (ADCs) with Chip, her Fiancé, who was tragically murdered – leaving Ragan with the belief that he was gone forever. However, shortly after his death, Chip returned in the most dramatic and profound of ways…


Days after his murder, Christopher Oney, aka, Chip, grabbed his fiancé while she laid sleeping. "I'm not gone," he told her. "You can't see me, but I'm here. I'll never leave you. I promise."

When Lyn Ragan started hearing from her deceased fiancé, she thought she had gone crazy. Not only had the love of her life been ripped away, she was suddenly seeing dead people.

In ‘Wake Me Up! Love and The Afterlife’, Ragan shares the extraordinary story of her after-death communications (ADCs) with her fiancé, Chip, who began talking to her days after he was murdered.

One of the most detailed and profound ADCs written, Ragan's book takes the reader on a journey through loss, grief, hope, and love. Her vivid, real-time accounts of Chip's on-going "dream visitations", signals, and signs, will change the way you think about life, death, and the possibility of life eternal.

"Death is not the end of who we are, my darlin'." Chip said. "Love can never die. The one Key to everything beautiful is love. Love... lives forever."

As the author explains, her communications with Chip have opened new doors to accepting and embracing the magic of life beyond death.

“I didn’t believe anything like this at one time! However, Chip returned and we now focus on his continued life, rather than the events surrounding his death. He’s still with me and I’m still with him, even if we exist in different dimensions,” says Ragan.

Continuing, “My story can give anyone the hope they need to accept and recognize that life does carry on after death; a person who is loved will never die. My story will forever change anyone’s views on life, death, and what happens afterwards.”

The book has garnered much acclaim. For example, Sheila Jenkins comments, “Not enough words can be said about this detailed account of the death of Lyn's fiancé, Chip Oney. Their love before and after his death is one of the most interesting, intriguing, detailed stories of love and After Death Communication that I have ever heard about, or read. This story awakens Lyn into a whole new world that she never knew existed and truths she never knew existed”

Another reader adds, “You start out with Lyn enduring the worst day of her life and end up truly believing love doesn't end in death. I read this book in two nights unable to put it down. It held my interest from start to finish. My family has had great loss in the last year and this gives us hope that our loved ones are still with us. This book is truly worth a read. Thank you Lyn, for sharing this part of your life with us.”

‘Wake me Up! Love and The Afterlife’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1l3TeFV.

For more information, visit: http://www.lynragan.com/.

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The author lives in Atlanta, GA .