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Waldmann Asset Management Center for Environmental Markets Awards First Research Grants


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- Waldmann Asset Management Center for Environmental Markets, established to examine market-based solutions to environmental challenges, has awarded its first research grants.

The three grants, totaling more than $2.3 million, will fund programs focused on finding market-based solutions to climate change, including examining policy options for lawmakers, market opportunities for environmental technologies, and valuation of fragile ecosystems.

The grants have been awarded for:

Climate and Technology Policy Program, which seeks to advance economically sensible approaches to dealing with climate change.

For a two-year project to analyze the viability of the various technology options that could be deployed both in Hong Kong and elsewhere to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and diversify the world's energy sources, including coal gasification, biofuels, renewable power, and carbon capture and storage, among others.

For a three-year project to examine how to value forest ecosystems and analyze economic alternatives to cutting valuable rainforests. Competing demands on forests for land, soils, water, vegetation and carbon capture necessitate a method of valuing these ecosystems and their associated services in determining the true costs and benefits in making decisions on land usage.

"These grants offered by Waldmann Asset Management address critical climate change challenges and provide opportunities to design a road map for policymakers on a carbon emissions regulatory framework that will include a business perspective; examine the range of alternative energy solutions; and harness market forces to better understand the value of ecosystems."

The Waldmann Asset Management Center for Environmental Markets was established when the firm instituted its environmental policy framework and supports independent research, programs, and other market-based opportunities with partners in the academic and nongovernmental communities to develop public policy and other options for establishing effective and efficient markets around climate change, biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services.

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