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Walgreens Offers Passport Photo Options


Deerfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- Walgreens offers assistance with passport photo requirements through the web pages at Photo Print Prices. When  a customer is planning for a trip to another country or jurisdiction, a passport or visa is usually required. It may be used simply as a tool for identification purposes, or may be necessary to ensure security in passing through Customs in one direction another. A Walgreens passport photo is a convenient way to ensure that the requirements for size and appearance are met with the photo submitted.

In many respects, passport photo requirements in different jurisdictions are fairly similar. For example, the measurement of photos must be 51 mm by 51 mm (two inches by two inches). The photos must be in color. Black and white images will not be accepted. The photos must be printed on glossy or matte paper. All of these standardizations help to ensure that there is no hold-up in the processing of the visa or passport application.

Profile or slight head turns are not accepted, the pose in the photograph must be full-face. A neutral expression is preferred over a smile. If the photo is a smiling one, the smile should be a natural one and the eyes should be wide open.

An underlying principle is to avoid any position, background, clothing or headgear which would tend to obscure any part of the face. Religious attire is not prohibited, so long as it doesn't hide the face. Daily wear clothing is appropriate, rather than uniforms or any type of camouflage.

Walgreens offers a choice of matte or glossy finish in the standard size. They are suitable for passport or green card photos. Personnel in the store are knowledgeable about the standards and requirements for photos. The photos will meet the necessary specifications for faster processing by the issuing entity.

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