Walk-In Cool

Walk-In Cool Has Provided Commercial Coolers and Freezers Since 1982


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2017 -- For 35 years, Walk-In Cool has sold quality commercial walk-in coolers and freezers, and they have been working with food and beverage businesses for over two decades. No matter the size of the restaurant or convenience store, Walk-In Cool has the right equipment to meet their needs at an affordable price. Plus, they ship refrigeration units anywhere in the continental United States.

Walk-In Cool has a variety of options available to suit every need, whether a customer wants to store perishable ingredients in their kitchen or to display refrigerated products available for sale. They specialize in Copeland and Tecumseh refrigeration units, which are regarded as the industry standard. The units are customizable as well, and customers can choose to add features like a ramp, wire shelving, or a tempered glass viewport window. Walk-In Cool's glass door windows are available in a range of sizes and configurations to fit in any small business's space.

All of Walk-In Cool's products are easy to install -- there is no need to hire a professional. The only tool the customer needs to install their new commercial walk-in freezer or refrigerator is an allen wrench, which is provided. Each unit has Tongue and Groove panels which snap together for a perfect fit. A typical assembly requires just three hours to complete. Video instructions are available on the company's website to facilitate assembly, as well.

Walk-In Cool has years of experience with providing customers with high-quality commercial coolers and freezers, and they plan to continue that tradition. To receive a quote, call 800-656-3167 today.

About Walk-In Cool
Founded in 1982, Walk-In Cool has served businesses across the country for over two decades. The company can provide walk-in coolers and freezers in a variety of sizes and configurations that are suitable for any climate. Coolers and Freezers can be shipped to anywhere within the continental U.S. quickly and easily. Installation of every product is simple, with the average installation process taking less than three hours.

To learn more visit http://www.walkincool.com/.