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Walking in Greece Holiday Applauded by Daily Mail Newspaper

A leading British newspaper has applauded a ‘Walking in Greece’ holiday programme. Continue reading...........


Welwyn Garden City, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- While the idea of a holiday in continental Europe usually conjures up images of relaxing and lounging on its beautiful beaches, an emerging trend has arisen where holidaymakers are taking to hiking trips.

A journalist from one of Britain’s leading newspapers, The Daily Mail, has tried out a trip going by the theme of ‘Walking in Greece’ and loved it.

Throughout the trip, the group, who were aged between 50 to 70 years, was given ample time to explore the locations on their own- or with the people they came with, as it comprised of married couples, friends and Baby Boomers Plus (or BBPs), as the journalist was herself.

This particular trip started from Delphi, where he got to take in ‘superb’ views that were backed by Mount Parnassus.

After which, the group then split up based on who wished to hike to see the city’s stadium and who wished to see the temple of Diana, the Tholos and the Castalian spring. Indeed, walking in Greece in with this line-up will definitely intrigue those interested in Greek history and literature.

However, much to the journalist’s pleasure, the trip also included group activities, like group walks, stops for a swim by the beach and evening meals. Who would have thought that walking in Greece would be so much fun!

The trip also took him and the group to Athens, where they got to pick and choose what they wanted to visit, the usual sort of things that tourists generally do, such as visiting art galleries, museums, sightseeing, shopping, etc.

Aside from the group’s varied interests, they all chose to see the Parthenon and the refurbished Acropolis museum. So, as the journalist says, this trip was ‘organised but not regimented’- a nice balance for walking in Greece.

Other locations they visited include the fishing area near the Acropolis museum; the stadium, the ruins (including the temples, baths, workshops, houses, and gymnasium) and the greenery in Olympia.

The journalist clearly enjoyed walking in Greece and sums up the trip to be something that not only celebrated Ancient Greece, but also “exercised mind and body and had a balance of culture and leisure time, pleasant hotels, agreeable companions and cloudless Greek blue skies every day.”

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