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Walking in My Season: Bold New Action & Adventure Novel Instills Heart, Courage and Hope

Set in a present-day major metropolis, Shelley Mac’s latest novel fuses adversity and triumph to prove that freedom always prevails in love.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- While millions of authors can engross thousands in their narratives, few boast intricate and relatable characters that resonate deeply with readers. Bucking this trend is Chicago’s Shelley Mac; an author who knows what it takes to create characters that enter both the minds and hearts of every reader.

‘Walking In My Season’ boasts vivacity and depth that compels everyone to find a piece of themselves among the heart-stopping adventure.


Frank fell in love with Sadie early in life. The world was a good place to be and the promise of happiness was right at his fingertips. But it all changed quickly for Frank when protecting his mother meant killing the brother of a powerful family. As Frank is forced to adjust to his new life and says goodbye to his old; Kristy is trying desperately to make her present misery the ghost of her past.

Learning of Frank’s arrival Kristy takes Frank under her wings and shows him how to survive in this new life. Growing closer to Frank, sparks visions of romance for Kristy. Sadie’s love for Frank is bittersweet. She knows if she calls him, he will come, but he will not stay. She struggles with the absence of love and is convinced it’s time to move on. She tries dating others, but they never seem to live up to her ideal man.

Walking In My Season is a testament to the strength of wanting. The characters possess a common familiarity that connects with the reader. Following their emotional journey as they conquer the manipulators in their lives and take back their freedom is an undeniable pleasure.

As the author explains, her debut novel takes its cue from her own background and personality.

“I’m a native Chicagoan and know exactly how the ‘big city’ affects everyone’s life. My book takes this unpredictable atmosphere and delivers a story that is crammed full of heart, courage and hope,” says Mac.

Continuing, “It will pull at your heart strings and keep readers excited in the anticipation of what will happen next. I am very giving and this novel shows that.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“This book is a real adventure! There is love, passion, joy, intrigue, revenge and even hope. The story is fantastic and the characters are rich, vibrant and alive. Read it and you'll find a piece of yourself in every character! You don't just read it, you live it. This is a real page turner!” says one reader, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, Miriam, was equally as impressed. She adds, “The story itself is truly revitalizing, the author's ability to take the reader by the hand and just lead them one step at a time through the story is absolutely incredible. I've never had any author do that to me before. Usually, you're so wrapped up in the plot and characters and who did what, you speed through the book and finish it before you can catch your breath. Not with this book.”

‘Walking In My Season’ is available now: http://amzn.to/10MsYoF

About the Author: Shelley Mac
I am a native Chicagoan, born on the south side into a family of many talented and creative women. I am a big fan of the written word. Give me a romance or suspense novel and I am hooked. My love for this kind of subject matter has led me to creating characters and story lines with twist and turns. Today I have published my first novel, Walking In My Season. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be included among the authors that have entertained and brought to me much joy. I look forward to the new releases of my work and sharing them with readers in the future.