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Wall Stickers Transform Drabness Into Brightness

Wall stickers on walls are like tattoos on human bodies


Flinders, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Man, like any other animal species, is fiercely territorial and all his might, cunning, and intelligence come to the fore when defending his abode or acquiring a new one. This is a primordial instinct he inherited through ages of evolution. In the more relatively so called civilized times as these, such coarse instincts, after millennia of humanizing process, have hardened into a kind of pride in ownership of his dwelling. Every man or woman for that matter is, incurably proud of their house, however small it might be.

Decorating and beautifying the house is both a hobby and passion to those who live in it whether as a tenant or one as the owner. The insides of the house are as important as the outside both to the owner or the visitor. Decorating inside walls is an art and most house owners and tenants both take great pride in flaunting their expertise in this just as an artist shows off his talent exhibiting his works of art.

Wall stickers are a means of transforming an otherwise plain or even drab looking wall into a lively, vibrant surface transferring the effect to the whole room and making it as sparkling and effervescent. This, in turn, exerts positive vibes that give a great feeling of well being to the inmates as well as visitors. The wall sticker is also known as a wall tattoo and more popularly as wall decal. It is also referred to sometimes as wall vinyl .Wall stickers are stuck to walls or other smooth surfaces for decoration and sometimes for information.There are stickers that have complex, intricate designs and in multicolor though normally color combinations are not so varied. Wall stickers with carefully selected humorous quotes give an indication of the personality of the owner. Therefore it is important to select the right kind of quotes that convey a positive impression. Wall stickers are also used as a means of communicating a message. Stickers such as “Glass Door” warn people not to walk through a transparent door. A message “You can smoke as long as you don’t exhale” cannot be more direct or humorous.

Stickers can completely revamp a room and is not hard on the wallet. Wall stickers come in all colors and sizes and can be custom ordered too. What’s more, one can peel it off when it seems drab or stale.

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