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Walnut Central Orthodontics Reveals Latest Options for Teeth Straightening

Standard metal braces aren't the only option anymore, reports Walnut Central Orthodontics


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- Almost everyone is familiar with dental braces, whether by direct experience or by seeing other people wearing them during school times. The old-fashioned metal variety is still popular and useful, so it's no surprise that it's still being used today. Even so, there are now plenty of variations and even completely different types of teeth straightening solutions available. Information from Walnut Central Orthodontics helps to clarify the possibilities and when it's a good idea to use alternative options.

"Standard metal braces are good for children because they provide the strength necessary to correct misalignments that involve still-growing jaws," said Daniel Cook of Walnut Central Orthodontics, an orthodontist Dallas. "Another benefit is that they stay on the teeth until it's truly time for them to come off. Many times, kids don't like to wear braces and would soon stop doing so if they were presented with a removable option."

The ability to remove braces may seem strange, but that's exactly what can be done with Invisalign Dallas. Invisalign's system isn't true braces, but instead, takes the form of a molded unit that is meant to be worn for several hours each day. This system is meant for adults who want to have straight teeth without the "metal mouth" look that goes with the traditional wire variety. "Even adults have to be reminded to leave their Invisalign in place for the required number of hours a day," Cook noted. "Compliance with the prescribed treatment is absolutely essential for success. When everything is done right, Invisalign produces excellent results for people who want to straighten minor or mid-level misalignments in an unobtrusive way."

For those who need to straighten a major misalignment, metal will be needed at any age. Even so, there are options that allow people to get great results without it being obvious that they are using braces Dallas. "One of the best ways to handle this quandary is to put the braces on the backs of the teeth. This is a good solution for straightening crooked teeth or for correcting teeth that appear to be 'pushed in.'"

These factors don't mean that there's nothing that can be done to make the brace-wearing experience better for kids. "At our office, we have replaced the rubber band system with what are called 'self-ligating bands.'" Cook said. "These bands can place less pressure on the teeth, and they reduce friction as well. This makes the braces more comfortable than the old ones. Not only that, the clips that hold the braces to the teeth don't have to be big metal things anymore. We do offer metal ones, but there are also tooth-colored ceramic versions and clear plastic ones."

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