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'Want to Gain Body Fat? Do More Cardio!' Says Toronto Fitness Expert

Igor Klibanov believes that even most fitness professionals are uninformed about the real relationship between cardiovascular training and weight loss.


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- With the Public Health Agency reporting that a quarter of Canadian adults are now classed as obese, weight loss and exercise is a hot topic among healthcare and fitness professionals alike. However, one Toronto-based fitness expert has today gone public with his claim that those within the industry could in fact be a catalyst to the problem.

“Many professionals and fitness experts preach that, in order to lose weight, excessive or even exclusive cardiovascular exercise is required,” explains Igor Klibanov, President and Owner of the acclaimed Fitness Solutions Plus consultancy.

He continues, “The problem is that, if cardio is done either excessively or exclusively, people will lose muscle and fat. This sounds good on the outset. However, losing muscle predisposes people to a slower metabolism and eventually encourages rapid fat regain.”

Aside from the general risk of obesity, Klibanov is also concerned about the increased risk of Diabetes, Osteoporosis and other chronic conditions that may result from being overweight.

“Millions are promoting weight loss goals in the wrong way, causing people to end up worse off. In fact, most personal trainers would give their clients incorrect information, possibly putting their health in severe jeopardy. The advice is well-intentioned, but unfortunately the majority of personal trainers only have a 3-day weekend certification course, so they simply don’t have the education to know any better” he adds.

With this in mind, Klibanov is working diligently to assist the health and wellness industry in bringing its belief system up to speed.

“This is a classic example of an industry working against itself. However, change is easily on the horizon and there is an inspirational opportunity for healthcare professionals, fitness experts and individuals to wake up to the real facts. The obesity statistics can easily be lowered – much quicker than most people think,” he explains.

Klibanov’s Toronto-based personal training and fitness education business, Fitness Solutions Plus, is currently running a special campaign to put Canadians back on the road to improved health, both through their various personal fitness services, and also through seminars.

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About Igor Klibanov
Igor Klibanov is a Toronto-based personal trainer and fitness expert. With a passion for helping his clients reach their physique and fitness goals, Klibanov heads up Fitness Solutions Plus – a company which strives to improve the health and wellness of all who want to make a change. This allows Klibanov to seek out the most qualified personal trainers to reach out to others that he can not personally help himself.

Klibanov was recently voted as one of Toronto’s top five personal trainers, by the Metro News newspaper.