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Want to Have Fresh Juice on the Table, One Can Make Use of Charlotte Vineyard's Juicers


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- Lots of people love to sip the finest wines and the freshest fruit juices found in the country. Charlotte Vineyard is capable of catering both the needs of wine and fresh juice lovers. Charlotte Vineyard has a large land area where lots of grape vines and fruit trees are seen. They serve the finest wines in the country because they make the wines out of the grapes planted in the area. Charlotte Vineyard does not only serve the finest wine but also produces great juices from fresh fruits and vegetables found in the vineyard.

Since Charlotte Vineyard makes beverages that are fresh and non-chemical, they came up with different kinds of juicers that will allow people to enjoy the fresh juice in their own home. First one is the green star juicer where you can juice anything like fruits, vegetables and even wheat grass. Another one is the hurom slow juicer which has a dual-stage extraction of both fruits and vegetables and allows a maximum amount of juice unlike other juicers that produces minimal amount. The third kind of juicer that Charlotte Vineyard introduces is the champion juicer. Compared to hurom slow juicer and green star juicer, the champion juicer has this large fee tube where you can juice even large size fruits and vegetables. The last juicer of Charlotte Vineyard is the omega juicer which is just like hurom slow juicer that has dual stage juicing system.

Charlotte Vineyard is well known in the beverage industry so all these juicers that they develop are guaranteed to be safe and convenient to use.

About Charlotte Vineyard
Charlotte Vineyard is known to be one of the finest wineries and vineyards in the country. They are dedicated with this kind of business because they want the people to be aware of all the benefits that can be received when having a sip of their wine and fruit juices. Charlotte Vineyard’s new innovations are these four different kinds of juicers: green star juicer, hurom slow juicer, champion juicer and omega juicer which are guaranteed to be of great quality.

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