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WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother: Ground-Breaking Book Provides 'Guide' for Women Entering Tumultuous World of Stepmotherhood

Written by Donna Jarret and based on a decade’s experience of trial-and-error, ‘"You're Not My Mommy!" WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother’ fuses witty vignettes with cold-hard truths to prepare any stepmother for a role in life like none other. With 1,300 new stepfamilies forming every day and most women unaware of the responsibilities they’ll be facing when it comes to their new spouse’s children, Jarrett’s unique wisdom is poised to provide vital guidance so that the role of stepmother can be embraced with gusto (or avoided altogether!).


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2014 -- While the idea of marrying into a ready-made family sounds like bliss to many, most women who have assumed the role of stepmother can only share horror stories of their fight to be accepted, the battles they face with their stepchildren’s biological mother and trying to manage finances and faith while not losing one’s self.

Businesswoman Donna Jarrett was a stepmother for ten years and, coupled with her new spouse’s poor personal finance skills, found adapting to stepmotherhood a life-changing experience that she didn’t initially sign up for. Wanting to help other potential stepmothers avoid the many pitfalls and make the most of their new responsibilities, Jarrett has released a compelling new book.

‘"You're Not My Mommy!" WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother’ pulls no punches when exposing the true and often self-destructive reality that many new stepmothers face. However, having made the mistakes for her readers, Jarrett serves up an abundance of advice that she wishes someone had given her.


Stepmotherhood - The final Frontier, Where brave women go, but don't dare to share the secrets of what lies within. That is until now.

Meet Donna Jarrett: Business executive by day, entrepreneur by night, full-time recovering stepmother.

A late night phone call yanked Jarrett from newly wedded bliss and threw her into the chaos of life as a gainfully employed, there-are-not-enough-hours-in-the-day full time stepmom. There was no guidebook, no instructions and her husband had little motivation to handle his business.

"You're Not My Mommy!" WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother catalogs classic stepmother conflicts - from birth-mama-drama to protecting yourself emotionally, financially and spiritually while reveling in the true joy stepmotherhood can bring.

Light hearted, factual and packed full of truth, "You're Not My Mommy!" WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother, shares practical wisdom from Donna's personal archive of experience to help women tackle a very modern family dynamic.

A must read for stepmothers, Ex-Stepmothers and Stepmothers-to-be who want to maintain their sanity in one of life's most acrimonious settings.

“My stepson was thrown out of his house by his mother at 03:00 one morning, at the age of four, leaving me to mold myself into a role that I was not prepared for mentally, physically or financially; I’d only signed up to marry his father!” admits Jarrett. “I found that there was no guide to stepmotherhood, even though it’s a rapidly-growing dynamic. 75% of stepmothers complain of having no resources to guide them, according to a recent study, so I have stepped in to change that. I’ve been through the thick and thin of stepmotherhood and won’t stay silent if I can help others.”

Continuing, “its to-the-point and brutally honest; but doesn’t shy away from the great times I also had as a stepmother. There are plenty of quips and light-hearted moments that ground your emotions and make you feel like it’s all worthwhile. Therefore, I’ve worked diligently to show both sides of the spectrum and explain how to find the middle ground.”

The initial response has been extremely positive, with Jarrett conducting many interview and appearances. Reader reviews are also flowing in. For example, Chicana Carroll comments, “This book is inspiring. Here is a book that tells it like it is. It takes the covers off the struggles that Step-Parents might face.”

‘"You're Not My Mommy!" WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother’, published by It Takes A Village Today, is available now: http://amzn.to/1w0pKJK.

About Donna Jarrett
Growing up in the Bronx, Donna Jarrett witnessed firsthand the sacrifices needed to raise a family, thanks to her hard working parents. Their dedication to their children lay the foundation for Donna's future career as a hard working Executive for the last two decades. In 2008, Donna's entrepreneurial spirit lead to the creation of "It Takes A Village Today" an online marketing company. As founder and CEO, Jarrett offers exposure to small businesses which struggle to be heard in the crowded media landscape. Donna's relentless drive to pursue excellence has made her a sought after speaker for youth and business leaders alike. She's the proud recipient of the Heroes of Humanity award from the Rockland County Commission on Human Rights. With a passion for the arts, Donna produced a highly acclaimed Off Broadway show which ran for two months. Her involvement in the budgeting, talent bookings and auditions is what gave "It Takes A Village Today, the zealousness to pursue other areas of business. Donna now adds author to her extensive list of accomplishments. "You're Not My Mommy!" WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother, recounts her personal experience of love, marriage and living in a very modern family dynamic. Donna currently resides in New York and is newly married.