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Wart Medication Website Now Offering Wartrol to General Public

Informational clearinghouse seeks to identify effective products for wart removal


Binghamton, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Wart Medication, located at http://www.wartmedication.com, offers the general public the revolutionary wart removal formula Wartrol for sale. Wart Medication is a clearinghouse of information devoted to the elimination and removal of a skin blemish known as warts.

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), the same virus responsible for cervical cancer. The virus is contracted through contact with another infected person. Warts can occur anywhere on the body, but are seen most frequently on the hands, feet and face. Warts on the feet are known as plantar warts, and can be developed as the result of exposure in public showers, gymnasiums, and the like. Although unsightly, warts are not usually harmful, although they can be uncomfortable, particularly plantar warts. One of the most frequently searched for terms in the Internet by people with warts is "How to get rid of a plantar wart." Wart Medication only lists the most effective of available remedies on their site, so their endorsement of Wartrol is a significant one.

"Warts don't hurt anything, but they are unsightly, and nobody wants to have them," explains company spokesperson, Barbara J. Saunders. "Plus, warts in awkward places can cause rubbing and/or discomfort.” Historically, there has been much superstition about warts. Mark Twain wrote about using a dead cat to cure warts in his epic novel,Tom Sawyer. "There is no need for people to consider such irrational notions," laughed Saunders. "Warts are a perfectly natural phenomenon, caused by a virus, and easily cured. We recommend Wartrol for wart removal. Wartrol contains FDA approved ingredients and is safe and effective. You simply brush the solution onto the surface of your warts three times a day, let it dry, and go about your business. Within a short period of time, usually two-three weeks -- individual results will vary -- the wart will drop off, leaving nothing but clear, smooth skin behind."

Wartrol contains the FDA approved active ingredient, salicylic acid at a concentration of 17%. Non-active ingredients include ethyl alcohol, flexible collodion, menthol andascorbic acid. In addition to Wartrol, Wart Medication also recommends Dermatend and Dermatend Ultra for the removal of moles and skin tags. Links for ordering both products are posted on the Wart Medication website.

About Wart Medication
Wart Medication provides reviews and information for consumers suffering with warts (genital, palmer and plantar) as well as unsightly and unwanted moles and skin tags. They seek to identify the products currently on the market with a proven track record for helping people eliminate this embarrassing and unattractive skin condition.