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Washing with Soap Could Be WORSE for Your Skin: Insignia Showers Comments


Buckinghamshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2015 -- When most people think of taking a shower, this typically involves soap. Yet according to a leading doctor at the Digestive Center for Women, a US-based medical facility, washing with soap everyday could negatively affect our immunity. This suggests that we need to actively consider our showering habits so we can feel clean as well as giving our immunity the best chance too.

According to the research, washing with soap everyday can strip the skin of essential bacteria which play a role in moisturising the upper layer as well keeping the body healthy. These bacteria are known as the microbiome – the types which require a delicate balance to maintain health. Interrupting this balance can occur through abrasive cleaning processes such as using cloths and sponges too frequently also.

Many people use soap products in the shower because the pleasant scent and sensation gives them the assurance they are clean. Yet this research suggests that the emphasis should be upon keeping clean and healthy – and although soap may offer a 'feeling' of goodness, it is not always a good choice in reality. It is suitable to be used in moderation, and what matters is having a method of cleaning which naturally complements the body.

About Insignia Showers
Insignia Showers is a prime provider of shower solutions and a frequent commentator on industry news.

A spokesperson had this to say:

"The research indicates that soap may only play a superficial part in keeping us clean, and sometimes can cause more harm than good. What ultimately matters is a cleaning routine which prioritises the overall health of our skin and body – something a steam shower does. With a steam shower there is no need to rely on products like soap and gel to feel clean; as you really will be fully cleaned by the processes occurring. Steam opens the pores and provides a soothingly gentle yet efficient showering method. We hope more people will realise the advantages."

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