SP Industries Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Launch of EM Series

Material Handling Leaders Introduce Hydraulic-Free Compactor


Hopkins, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- 30 years ago, members of Quality Products moved to Kalamazoo Michigan and founded SP Industries, the company that would go on to set the industry standard for waste handling, material handling, and recycling equipment manufacturing. Today, they are celebrating that milestone by announcing the release of their newest advancement, the EM Series of waste compactors. These are the industry’s first ever totally hydraulic-free industrial-grade compactors.

These compactors continue the tradition of quality, innovation, and products that meet the real-world needs of their customers that SP has established over their three decades in the industry. This new line of compactors is a major step forward thanks to their elimination of the hydraulic system, which in the past was one of the major malfunction areas for most compactors, requiring constant maintenance in order to avoid breakdowns and contamination of work areas. Not only does the EM Series require less maintenance, they are also environmentally more sustainable and fiscally more efficient than the other models currently on the market.

In addition to the new EM Series, SP Industries has a wide assortment of products that are ideal for any organization that requires commercial or industrial grade material handling carts. Since they formed 30 years ago, they've been committed to adapting with the growing needs of their customers, adding patents for loading systems, dumpers, and more. They are constantly striving to move forward in tandem with the business world.

The full catalog of SP Industries products and services includes all varieties of stationary and industrial compactors, trash and waste carts, as well as other types of waste handling equipment.

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