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Wasted Hours at the Gym? Effective 30 Minute Workouts Are for Getting Lean & Fit At: Max Workouts Guide


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- The number one complaint people have for not staying fit and exercising is their busy schedule, they simply do not have the spare hour or two to devote to fitness in a gym 4 – 5 times a week. Most of our time is spent slouching in front of a screen and trying to survive the daily grind. If the lack of time is the only concern that is holding people back from attaining their fitness goals and working towards achieving a leaner and fitter body than High Intensity Workouts such as Max Workout Program found on the Max Workouts Official Site and discussed at length at Max Workouts Guide may be the solution. These are 30 minute home workouts designed to deliver maximum fat burning incorporated with core strength exercises to deliver fat loss and toned muscles.

Over the years fitness programs and workout routines have greatly evolved. Old school fitness gurus insisted that, in order to get fit, you had to engage in overly long bouts of cardio; and this was the only way of losing fat. Although these types of workouts can be effective they do not provide quicker or more effective results. Max Workouts Guide is a website that will help people view the way they work out differently, the website focuses on the various fitness and workout programs out there, including the High Intensity Workouts Program, Max Workouts. An in depth review recently featured on the website Max Workouts Guide shared insights about how Interval Training Workouts are far superior to long workout routines in the gym. The review points out:

“There is no shortage of people working out at any gym for hours at a time, and they never quite experience the kind of results that they expect. With the Max Workouts High Intensity Interval Training program by Shin Ohtake, you will finally be able to see substantial results in short term fat loss and gain muscle, without spending hours in the gym daily”

The Max Workouts Program covers both circuit training for women and circuit training workouts for men. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workouts are great for super charging the metabolism allowing you to burn fat even after the workout has ended yet the weekly workout sessions take only 30 minutes start to finish daily. Find out everything you need to know about Max Workouts and HIIT programs at

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