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Can You Watch Game of Thrones Online Free?

Where Can You legally Watch Game Of Thrones Online For Free?


Saint Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Why is the brilliant Games Of Thrones TV series the most pirated show ever?

The massive smash hit HBO TV series “Game Of Thrones” has turned in to the most pirated show of all time with well over 1 million illegal downloads of just 1 episode in one day alone!! Yes, you read that correct, over 1 million!

Recently top officials from HBO itself have publicly said that it is altogether not surprised at the massive levels of illegal downloads and piracy of their award winning show, due to the popularity and success it has gained from an army of crazy loyal fans.

The main reason is that the series can only be watch via the HBO channel which is a paid subscription service. You can purchase older box sets at Amazon or other retailers. Because of this situation, some people will just do a quick search in their favourite search engine and will easily find some shady pirate sites, which are usually full of ad-ware, malware and other viruses.

Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama that originally premièred in the USA back in April 2011 and is now in to its forth series. During its 2nd series, it topped the list of the most torrented shows online, with more illegal downloads than television viewers in the United States, this was backed up by information provided by TorrentFreak, which tracks and monitors such illegal downloads. Torrents allow web users to download large media files very quickly and without using masses of data.

Last year in 2013 the Game of Thrones series was illegally downloaded approximately 5.9 million times, according to Torrent Freak’s data. If you compare this with the total US TV viewers of around 5.5 million. GOT's is by no means not alone, it was closely followed in the illegal download charts by the equally popular TV series, The Walking Dead & the excellent Breaking Bad, both of which have less than half the amount of illegal downloads.

HBO release a statement saying that it always expects some levels of piracy and illegal downloads to happen, such is the power of the internet and the speed of modern technology. However, they are always working on ways to make it harder for people to poach their content. Even though this is costing them sales of DVD's and paid subscriptions, they say in a weird way its a compliment to the shows quality and success to date.

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The main aim of this website is to provide information of all legal online streaming sites to watch Game of Thrones and other hit shows, so you can avoid those sites that may land you in big trouble!

A company spokesperson for Cloud Burst Marketing asked the question, "Why is Game Of Thrones the most pirated TV show right now?" and reasoned it was a combination of the hugely successful series with vast availability of dodgy websites where episodes can be easily found and illegally downloaded.

Authorities all over the world constantly continue their battle to fight media/content and copyright piracy, calling it outright "theft" of material that costs jobs and results in a lose of profits and potential future production of new and upcoming Television programs. This is not good for TV fans.

It therefore makes sense, if you want to avoid possible prosecution and possible jail time or a hefty fine, to watch game of thrones online legally.

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