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Watch Time Go by Expands from Watches to Cover More Fashion Accessories has successfully helped thousands of visitors find out about the latest innovations in timepieces, and is expanding their mission to cover other prestige accessories.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- Time is the one resource that no one can get back once lost, making it inherently valuable to all. Telling the time is essential, and though many phones now perform this function, the watch has survived as a single-function device by prioritizing its precision engineering, beauty and integration of precious metals. Watch Time Go By is a website that has helped people find the right watch for their tastes as well as reviewing the latest releases by major brands. They are now expanding their mission to cover other high-end jewelry and tech.

The expansion was originally prompted by the release of the first generation of commercial smart watches by Apple and Samsung, which saw the watch go from a prestige piece of engineering and jewelry to a more disposable piece of upgradable interactive technology. The site already has editorials covering the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple Watch.

The move into technology saw the editorial staff take a decision to further expand their mission to cover other wearables, both in the technology and jewelry sectors, the expansion covers numerous high value fashion sectors, allowing readers to find out what is on trend and what is not.

A spokesperson for explained, "We are thrilled to be able to announce the forthcoming expansion of our website to cover more wearables than ever before, in both technology and jewelry. It is fascinating to us that the watch has remained a prestige item bought for luxury and not necessity, and that this trend is not only observed in the jewelry world, which the watch has become a part of, but in the technological realm, which first threatened to make the watch obsolete. An impressive reversal, and one we will chart closely."

About Watch Time Go By
Watch Time Go By is an online resource center dedicated to providing high quality, independent and insightful reviews of watches and time pieces for the modern market, reviewing each new item as they are released by their manufacturers to give people an indication as to the best buys on the market right now. The site is regularly updated and is now expanding its mission to cover further items.

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