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Watch TV on Your Computer Offered by Satellite TV Company for $49.99 Lifetime

Watch TV on your computer and laptop service now offered by growing satellite TV company. The demand for lower priced television around the U.S. is causing more families to cut the cords on their cable televisions. For a one-time fee of $49.99, satellite TV company, ETV Corp, provides over 3500 instant channels.


Garden City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- Watch TV on your computer is one thing that satellite and cable companies want to keep a secret from the public. A report was just released by cable and satellite research firms that have confirmed the largest drop in subscribers in over 25 years. The rate hikes that individuals and families constantly go through could now be over thanks to one provider. Satellite TV company, ETV Corp, is an FCC compliant company and has created a computer software solution to broadcast over 3500 channels right to a PC or laptop. There are no hardware or installation requirements to receive these channels. This new service is now is available for a one-time connection fee of $49.95.

A family or individual that is growing tired of rising cable and satellite rates could save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to a software-based television solution. Major television networks frequently raise the cost of television programming every two to three years. This has put cable and satellite subscribers with multi-year contracts and bundles in a losing position. “We’re helping more people cut the cords to their home television provider,” said Sam Oates, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for, ETV Corp, satellite TV company. “Our software solution does not have bandwidth limitations or monthly fees for our programming,” Oates added. The growth of Netflix and Hulu streaming services has helped to put a decrease in the number of monthly subscribers that used to pay for premium television programming.

Data released the National Cable & Telecommunications Association has revealed that the average monthly price for cable or satellite television in America is $74.70. This data does not include additional services that could be bundled like high speed Internet or digital video services. The cost of obtaining Internet access has traditionally been much lower and is one of the reasons that streaming satellite services on the Internet have become more popular.

The standard high speed Internet connection of 1.2 mbps found in most homes is found to be more than sufficient for someone to stream live and pre-recorded films from the Internet. Individuals and families that have been affected by the unpredictable economy could find that the ETV Corp package of 3500 channels would fit better into their annual entertainment budget. Further information about service signup and channel availability can be found at this link

About ETV Corp, Satellite TV Company
With over 3500 programming channels available, satellite TV company, ETV Corp, has helped individuals and families all over the world to eliminate the cost of monthly cable television service. This programming provider has created one of the first one-time payment solutions for accessing popular television programming with a PC or a laptop. The revolutionary software program that has been created allows anyone with an Internet connection to access television without the monthly expense of standard satellite or cable television services. ETV Corp was recently voted one of the best values in television programming by a leading Internet reviews website.