Watch Winder Expand, Update and Re-Launch Their Watch Winder Guide


Headstone Lane, Harrow -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2013 -- UK website have expanded, updated and re-launched their popular Guide to buying a watch winder , ahead of the busy Christmas period. The guide is designed to help those looking to buy a watch winder avoid costly mistakes and disappointments on Christmas morning, by ensuring they get exactly what they need.

Re-launching the expanded and updated guide, product manager Lynn Rosario said: “Even with the introduction of the guide a year ago, one of our most frequently asked question at this time of year is still ‘I need a watch winder for a XXXX watch. What should I buy?’ We wrote the guide a year ago to make it easy for customers get the winder that is right for them or their loved one, and we have re-written, expanded and updated it this year to make it even easier for those looking to buy a watch winder this Christmas to get one that is right for them.”

The updated guide is split into sections covering watch winder basics, including what a watch winder is and what it is not, and sections on what to look for when buying a watch winder. Lynn says: "A watch winder is a machine that will keep an automatic watch working when it is not being worn. They are popular presents for people with expensive watches, but many buyers do not know what to look for when making a decision to buy - or whether a particular watch winder will be suitable for them."

"In the guide we take customers through the key task when buying a winder - to match the winding requirements of the watch with a program offered by the watch winder. It has information on how to find out what a watch needs from a winder, in order to make sure customers buy the right one, and also what to do (or what to buy) when a customer cannot find this information, but still decide they want to to buy one."

Armed with the guide customers can look for a watch winder that meets their budget, style, watch size and how many watches they want to wind, ensuring it will also meet the winding needs of the watch or watches.

Lynn concludes: "Buyers often don't know where to start or they ignore the programs a winder has, buying based on looks or cost alone and hoping for the best. Many then come unstuck when it does not wind the watch, making it a big and costly disappointment. We really hope our expanded and updated guide will ensure this happens much less often this Christmas."

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