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UK website have launched a new watch winder guide, to help those looking to buy a watch winder this Christmas


Harrow, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- UK website have launched a new watch winder guide, to help those looking to buy a watch winder this Christmas to avoid mistakes and disappointments, and to get exactly what they need.

Launching the new guide, product manager Lynn Rosario said: “One of our most frequently asked question at this time of year is ‘I need a watch winder for a XXXX watch. What should I buy?’ With the right guidance and a little research by the customer, this is not a difficult question to answer. So we have launched a guide to make sure customers get the winder that is right for them or their loved one this Christmas.”

A watch winder is a machine that will keep an automatic watch– a watch that is powered by movement such as a Rolex, Omega, TAG or Breitling – working when it is not being worn. [This is the most common misunderstanding about a watch winder. They do not wind watches – they keep them wound. If a watch has completely run down before it is placed on a winder then it will still be completely run down no matter how long it is left on there.]

The key task when buying a watch winder is to match the winding requirements of the watch to be placed on it with the program offered by the winder. In other words, customers need to know what the watch needs from a winder before they choose in order to make sure they buy the right one.

Some watches require clockwise only movement / winding, some anti-clockwise only movement, and some alternating (between the two – but this does not mean they rock backwards and forwards; they will wind for one cycle one way, then on the next cycle the opposite way).

It is vital that customers match this movement requirement of the watch with a program providing that movement on the winder. A watch that is designed to only wind in one direction has a clever link that allows the pendulum inside to spin uni-directionally without releasing the energy in the spring. Put one of these with an alternating program and half the turns are wasted – as is half the time on the winder. Put a clockwise only watch on an anti-clockwise program (or vice versa) and it will not wind at all !

So if the watch needs clockwise winding, the customer needs to buy a winder with a clockwise program, if it needs anti-clockwise (or counter clockwise) winding, a winder with an anti-clockwise program, if it needs alternating winding, a winder with an alternating program. Those lucky enough have more than one watch that they need to wind with a combination of these programs need a winder with more than one program.

Buyers often ignore this absolutely vital detail and buy a watch winder based on looks or cost alone, then come unstuck when it does not wind the watch. It is a big disappointment and becomes a very expensive ornament !

The watch manual will often include information on whether the watch should be wound in a clockwise, anti-clockwise or alternating direction. But note: these winding requirements vary from watch company to watch company, sometimes from watch to watch (from the same watch company) and even for the same watch made in different years, as they are determined by the watch mechanism used.

Those who do not have access to the watch manual should contact the after sales or service department of the watch company and ask for the information. There are some online resources offering the information.

Armed with the direction the watch should be wound, customers can look for a watch winder that meets their budget, style, watch size and how many watches they want to wind, and has a program that will meet the winding needs of the watch. They can then address some other things to consider such as do they want the flexibility to wind watches with different requirements on the same winder, do they want the winder to run via a plug or a battery (to be placed in a safe) and do they want storage for their hand winding and quartz (battery powered) watches?

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