Watchrr Takes on the World Media by Changing the Way News, Gossip and Events Is Shared

Watchrr app offers an anonymous and real-time platform for sharing news, opinions and trending events locally. The tech start-up promotes citizen journalism and a fun way of keeping everyone informed.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2014 -- For many years people have said the media is owned by the select few and freedom of speak is a thing of the past. Now thanks to Watchrr, people will have an equal opportunity to reach public, have their voice back and no longer can governments or big organisation around the world dictate what people can and cannot see.

Now in pre-launch stage, Watchrr app is expected to be released by the end of October. The Watchrr team is creating an Anonymous Local Network that connects people in the local community together. They can freely report news, ask questions, state opinions, gossip and interact with others without revealing their true identities. The concept is similar to Location-based Reddit or Twitter for Locals.

The Watchrr team wants to change the way news is discovered and to highlight local trending topics. Local citizens become the media and share insight anonymously. Not only does this concept share key information, it does so in a more open and transparent manner.

The users can monitor their local area or any other parts of the planet. They no longer have to rely on local newspapers, news channels and social networks to find out what is happening in the place of their interests, thanks to Watchrr.

The process is as simple as getting a code name, starting a watch, staying connected and joining forces with others. Real time news and happenings are shared from others who are on the scene with Watchrr.

According to Akaradet, Founder of Watchrr, “You can share what you see and say what you think. No emails are required and no personal information is shared. Only a code name and password is needed to give access to local happenings. Users can also choose to be completely anonymous or to hide the exact location when posting.”

Watchrr is a community-based platform dedicated to bringing out the true potential of crowd-sourcing information. News should not be in the hands of a few, but through everyone sharing information securely and creatively. Everyone can now be in touch with their community; not missing anything that is happening in their area, from seeing a celebrity walking down the road, to a huge accident, Watchrr keeps everyone informed.

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About Watchrr
Watchrr is the Anonymous Local Network where everyone in the city is connected and can share what they see and say what they think, making Watchrr the biggest local portal of information.

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