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Water Dispensers Market 2025: Top Key Players Midea, Honeywell, Water Logic, Voltas

Few of the market players accounting for Global Water Dispensers market includes Primo, POVOS, Cosmetal, QINYUAN, Ragalta, Lamo, Aqualad, Angel, Avanti, Midea, Honeywell, Water logic, Voltas, Culligan, Edgar, Blue Star, and Culligan.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2019 -- The water dispenser is also known as water cooler is a device which cools and dispenses water. It is linked to the mains than provide a live stream of chilled water as well as hot and boiling water. It is categorized into two categories bottle less water cooler and bottled water cooler. Usually, water dispenser offers a refrigeration function to cool the water. Some varieties also have a second dispenser that distributes hot water or room temperature water which can be used for tea, coffee or other purposes. The other tap provides hot water which is stored in a hot tank. Furthermore, the hot tap is furnished with a push-in safety valve that prevents injuries from any inadvertent pressing of the tap. Usually, in many regions, extracted groundwater is saline and essential to be purified for the purpose of making it suitable for human intake. Moreover, the decrease in the groundwater table, water quality in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria and much more are declining. Therefore, to have a healthy and hygiene water intake people are tilting towards trusted purification process, and this increase inclination towards dispensed water. Rising disposable income and growing health concerns are other primary factors enhance demand for water dispensers all over the globe.

Water Dispensers Market: Drivers & Restraints

Market growth of water dispenser is approaching from three sides. First, the awareness about the importance of clean water, secondly the financial growth in developing countries especially Asia-Pacific excluding Japan region, third, the technical improvements that generate the further possibility of treating water and meanwhile reducing the prices. Drinking water market is experiencing market growth worldwide due to which water dispenser's market is growing. Majorly, due to high usage of water dispenser in commercial areas, fuel its application in all business divisions, this drives market of water dispensers globally. The key factor that lifts the market growth of water dispenser are the properties such as portable size, availability of water dispenser in the range of types and cost which cover the broad range of customers, easy to use, cleaning and hygiene are the selling point of this product.

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Besides experiencing unprecedented market growth, water dispensers market is facing two primary restraints that are: often replacement of the components and additional expenses that accumulate particularly during the summertime. These two factors act as a constraint on the growth of water dispensers market.

Water Dispensers Market: Segmentation

The global water dispensers market is segmented by its water source and purification types, dispenser type, distribution type, and applications.

Based on the water source and purification type the water dispensers market is segmented into:

Bottled Water Dispenser
Plumbed In Water Dispenser

Based on the dispenser type, water dispensers market is segmented into:

Wall Mounted
Bottom Load Water Dispenser
Table Topwater dispenser
Direct piping water dispenser

Based on the distribution type, water dispensers market is segmented into:

Direct sales
Online shops/sales
Service companies

Based on the applications, water dispensers market is segmented into:


Water Dispensers Market: Regional Outlook

Regarding geography, the global water dispensers market has been categorized into seven key regions including North and Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, and the Middle East & Africa. The water dispenser market is globally expected to register healthy CAGR during the forecast period. Among the regions mentioned above, North America, West Europe, and Asia Pacific excluding Japan are the largest market for water dispensers, closely followed by Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific excluding Japan. Asia Pacific excluding Japan is the fastest growing region because of the substantial economic growth and the demand from the huge population of developing countries of this region. Eastern Europe, directed by Russia┬┤s economic progress and expansion in EU, are the reason for fast growth.

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Water Dispensers Market: Key Players

Few of the market players accounting for Global Water Dispensers market includes Primo, POVOS, Cosmetal, QINYUAN, Ragalta, Lamo, Aqualad, Angel, Avanti, Midea, Honeywell, Water logic, Voltas, Culligan, Edgar, Blue Star, and Culligan.