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Suburban Laboratories Inc. Announce a New Shopping Cart on the Website

The updated feature, allows customers to shop and buy more efficiently.


Hillside, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- Suburban Laboratories Inc., a leader in the water quality testing industry, has launched a new shopping cart on their website. The updated platform will make it easier than ever for customers to buy the testing kits they need to ensure water quality in their homes or businesses.

The new shopping cart is simpler and allows customers to customize each water-testing package with ease. Testing drinking water is an important part of staying healthy, especially for people with specific health concerns. It’s also a great way to identify a problem with the well or faucet, if any discoloration or strange odors are noticed in a water supply. In some cases, homeowners and restaurant owners can use a water-testing package from Suburban Laboratories to determine whether or not they need a water softener or a reverse osmosis system installed.

Suburban Laboratories Inc. offers detailed information on each product for customers unfamiliar with water testing. They offer service throughout the entire United States, and each testing package can be customized for the specific needs of the individual or business. Customers can select a common package and then add special parameters to meet their specific water testing lab requirements. When working with Suburban Laboratories, customers can expect consistent value and outstanding customer service. Each staff member is meticulously trained for each water sample testing job, and the tools are always quality certified.

About Suburban Laboratories Inc.
Suburban Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1936 and continues to provide customers with the best in water testing technology. Though originally founded in a suburb outside Chicago, the online store makes it possible for people all over the country to get the high level of service unique to Suburban Laboratories Inc. The independent commercial testing lab uses state of the art technology to find environmental, microbiological and chemical imbalances in the water supply of a wide variety of commercial and residential properties. It is a leader in environmental, water quality and drinking water testing labs. For more information please visit the website,