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WaterBox Launches Eco-Carton Crowdfunding Project

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out marketing initiatives for the Los Angeles, California based company WaterBox and their newly created Eco-Carton otherwise known as “the beverage industry game changer.”


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2013 -- Looking to translate their $37,000 funding goal into initial production of their latest product called the Eco-Carton, WaterBox has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. Based in Los Angeles, California, the eco-friendly company is pioneering the use of a unique mineral based coating on what they’ve named the Eco-Carton, otherwise known as “the beverage industry game changer.” Deeming it the carton of the future, never before been seen in the beverage packaging sector, the Eco-Carton from WaterBox is poised to reduce the marketplace’s current use of polyethylene plastic coating that is so harmful to the environment.

“The world is in a state of environmental crisis. Plastic pollution and its toxic affect is a severe and growing problem and the plastic water bottle is the most conspicuous contributor.” said LeeAnn Powers, Creator of the WaterBox Eco-Carton. Distressed by the fact that Americans spent $11 billion on bottled water last year alone the creator of the Eco-Carton takes her concerns to the crowdfunders from whom her project needs ample support. “Less than twenty percent of water bottles were recycled last year. That means they end up infecting our oceans, lakes, rivers and landfills for years to come. We feel compelled to change that.” added Powers.

Offering a cost effective alternative to the consumer, WaterBox dually offers a ninety-seven percent biodegradable product to the planet. Developed with paperboard packaging in mind the Eco-Carton is coated with a mineralized barrier. The mineralized resins are not only innovative, they’re high performance and FDA compliant. The product amply reduces the plastic pollution problem while still maintaining the convenience of portability so necessary in a fast-paced society.

“By reducing the carbon footprint, we lessen the volatile organic compounds emitted during both production and recycling. We’re proud to say that the Eco-Carton is truly biodegradable with the exception of the cap which is 100% recyclable.” says Powers. The company’s founder goes on to say that the Eco-Carton uses only plant based inks and finishes as well.

With all manufacturing partners already in place WaterBox will conduct its first production run of the Eco-Carton with the crowdfunding proceeds. This will consist of the purchase of the proprietary board stock, cutting and printing dies, conversion of the paper board into the Eco-Carton, filling the carton with domestic sourced spring water and introducing the greenest carton to the world. The timeline for the project includes the confirmation of the procurement of raw materials, production schedule, and the manufacturing process immediately following the Eco-Carton Indiegogo project.

WaterBox Founder LeeAnn Powers is based in Los Angeles, California and has ten years of experience in the beverage industry giving her ample familiarity with the industry’s competitive landscape. An innovator of other boxed water products in several configurations Powers is familiar with her product’s appeal and how to get it into the right hands for mass distribution. The Eco-Carton is deemed as revolutionary and necessary for the ongoing well-being of the planet.

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WaterBox LLC is a Los Angeles based company pioneering the use of a unique patented mineral based coating. With their flagship product, Eco-Carton, they are hoping to revolutionize the packaging industry forever.

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