Waterline Controls Acquires Trademark


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- After nearly six years of waiting, Waterline Controls has received its trademark. When System Dynamics, Inc was developing its brand, Waterline Controls, back in October of 2008, President Bill Seneff applied for a trademark of the name Waterline Controls and it’s logo to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO registration numbers 4587419 and 4578400 respectively). When asked about the name Waterline Controls, Seneff replied, “I went with waterline because it is the level that the water normally reaches on a ship. It is a calculated, engineered spot that is carefully decided. I felt that it directly correlates our goal with water level control systems – to maintain water level in a water based application”. The logo, a trapezoid with two wavy lines, was designed as a perspective view of a contained body of water. “It seemed appropriate considering the containment vessels we deal with are typically this shape. It is as if you are standing at the edge of the body of water” remarked Seneff. After almost ten months of processing, the initial trademark request was denied. “I was not surprised that it was rejected” says Seneff.

“I knew that the brand should spend about five years in commerce to establish itself. But now the government has documented it use in commerce for us. It’s on record that you are using it. You have now expressed that you are going to use it”. With that in mind, System Dynamics, Inc continued to grow the new brand, and Waterline Controls began to flourish. After five years of establishing a public presence in commerce, it came time to reapply for the trademark. “We had grounded our name, image, and product in the marketplace, and it seemed only appropriate to reinforce our credibility. Customers read Waterline Controls, and can distinguish it from other water level controls”.

Late last year, both Waterline Controls’ name and logo were resubmitted for review by USPTO. There was no opposition, and the trademarks have now been accepted and officially registered with the USPTO. When asked if he was nervous about the trademark being approved, Seneff joked, “As commonly told, you have a 50/50 chance. But I believe it is worth the effort.” Regarding what the trademark means to him, Seneff explains, “We have proven we are sustainable for the six years to acquire the trademark, and we are now a more credible company for having it. We are willing to invest in the intellectual property, and we’re not going anywhere. We have resolve, patience, and commitment to the water level business.”
Waterline Controls

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