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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- A roof over the head is everybody’s dream. After hunger, what man most craves for is an abode to rest his head. A house of one’s own is a once in a life time achievement for most people. Even the comparatively well heeled and upper middle class will find acquiring a house a tough proposition. A second house is almost a pipe dream many would even not dare dream particularly in these dark days of recession and economic downturn. The subprime crisis in the US was precipitated chiefly by the inability of house mortgagees to honor their mortgage commitments in time. People go to extreme limits of financial prudence and take unprecedented risks to acquire a house.

All the sweat, blood, and tears a man had shed in the process of acquiring a house for his family takes a beautiful meaning when the dream house he sacrificed so much for finally materializes, giving wings to his aspirations to soar still higher. Therefore it is only natural that he expects the house to be faultless in every conceivable respect. Here is something he will not let compromises creep in and spoil an otherwise flawless dream fulfilled. To any building including a house, the most important features lie in the strength and soundness of the foundation and the roof. It will not be wrong to assume that it is actually the bottom and the top that make a building what it is. While the foundation poses not many challenges once the strength of the soil etc. is assessed and approved, the same is not the case with the roof. There are many problems plaguing roof work. Complaints of roofs developing cracks and roof leakage repair common. Therefore waterproofing the roof so as to prevent any leaks in the future is a very critical aspect in construction activity. A structure requires waterproofing because concrete does not have watertight property in itself. The conventional method of water proofing involves applying bitumen, silica, PVC etc. but this is terribly time consuming and laborious. The construction industry has made impressive advances in the development of new methods and materials in waterproofing. Integral water proofing systems give the concrete itself waterproofing properties. General Waterproofing & Services Pte Ltd. has been in the business of water proofing for the last decade and a half. The Company, based in Singapore offers all kinds of waterproofing solutions and services. Sources in the industry rate the company among the top five in Singapore’s waterproofing and maintenance firms.

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The company, based in Singapore has been in the business of waterproofing and allied services since 1998.Led by a team of experts in the field, the company offers effective waterproofing solutions and maintenance work.

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