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DRY-X Waterproofing Launches Instant Service to Its Clients


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- DRY-X Waterproofing has come up with the latest offer of immediate service for its valuable clients. With this offer, the company enables its client to avail the services it provides without any delay and instant solutions for all the issues that make the ambience of their home look filthy. With just a single click, a client can fill up the online form of the company and let it know about the service that the client wants to opt for.

Waterproofing, mold remediation, foundation repair, indoor air quality, basement solutions and crawlspace repair are some of the basic solutions that DRY-X Waterproofing deals with. Be it wet basement repair or dry basement repair, the company makes use of all the modern equipment and ensures its clients are provided with the best services and solve all the issues that are related to their basement leakage. The installers are very polite, courteous and more than willing to answer any questions that customer may have during the installation process.

With its ten years of experience in the field of basement repair and waterproofing, DRY-X Waterproofing has expanded its business in many places in the United States, especially in many Counties of New York.

Apart from providing various services and in different places like waterproofing in NJ and basement waterproofing in NY, DRY-X Waterproofing helps its clients to get rid of those molds from the walls of their house that can affect their health.

The company enables its clients to go through all the five steps that it has mentioned in its site and find out what the actual problem is. Clients can also opt for free consultation with the experienced professionals of the company.

About Dry-X Waterproofing
Dry-X Waterproofing was established in 2003 and uses the latest technology to deliver permanent waterproofing solution for basement and crawl space. The expert basement waterproofing crews are skilled and experienced. It takes extensive precautions to ensure that homes are protected during the installation process. From foundation consultants to office staff and installation crews, the questions, concerns and requests of customers will be met with insightful, educated and honest answers.

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