Freesale (or Reverse Tithe), a Church and Hurting Community, Giving It All Away


Watervliet, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- In a time where people are hurting financially and local governments and churches seem to be at odds, a small town in Michigan is coming together. On August 11, beginning at 9am, The Sanctuary Church in Watervliet, Michigan and the City of Watervliet Michigan are partnering together to hold a community wide “Free Sale”. The “Free Sale” was the original idea of Pastor Kevin Hester, who planted The Sanctuary Church a few years ago in the small Southwest Michigan community. The church collected new and used items, partnered with a few businesses and gave everything away for free; no strings attached. There was everything from furniture,electronics,clothing, food and so on.

Pastor Kevin says, “Churches are sometimes viewed as being after people's money and this is a way to show our community that, compelled by the love of God, we really do care for their well being. In doing so, we are following the example of Jesus and the early churches, loving our neighbor, and following the golden rule. Last year, crowds lined up early and many couldn't believe it was all really free. Some offered donations but the church is adamant in their refusal to receive anything in return. Pastor Kevin said the Bible refers to the giving financially back to God's work as a tithe, and the freesale is the reversal of that and more.

Michigan is hurting economically and especially the small city of Watervliet. The city's major employer for about one hundred years was a paper mill that closed about a decade ago and the building has been demolished. Many store fronts in town are vacant and many of it's people are hurting financially, but this small town is still giving back. When Watervliet Mayor, David Brinker, was approached by Pastor Kevin, he thought the “Free Sale” was a great idea and the city should get involved. Even though the town is hurting, people can still come together to bless and encourage each other and in times like these, we all need a little encouragement. Pastor Kevin hopes other communities will follow their example. The people of Watervliet realize that, in good or bad times if people come together they can accomplish great things so on this day in Watervliet Michigan, there are some things that money can't buy!

Pastor Kevin Hester
The Sanctuary Church, Watervliet, Michigan

Mayor David Brinker