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Watrol Details Launches Website Dedicated to Providing Information About Wart Removal

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Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- Statistics from the health care industry indicate more than 70 percent of Americans have developed at least one wart during their lifetime. Though generally harmless in nature, warts can cause a great deal of discomfort and self consciousness for patients who experience them. In an effort to assist the public in the safe, effective elimination of warts, Watrol Details has launched their website dedicated to providing information regarding a popular treatment called Wartrol.

Adam White of Wartrol Details explained, "Wartrol is a natural treatment designed to remove the unsightly results of the virus that causes warts. This product provides safe, fast, painless results and helps prevent warts from returning in the future. Wartrol has been proven to be a more practical and cost effective method of wart removal than visiting a doctor."

Research reveals common warts are caused by more than 100 varieties of the human papillomavirus. When humans come in contact with the various strains of this virus, they can become infected through minuscule scratches and abrasions of the skin. Once the virus invades, it causes rapid cell growth on the outer layers of skin, resulting in warts. This virus is unavoidable and can be spread through shaking hands, touching doorknobs, sharing keyboards and other methods of contact, both direct and indirect. While warts most commonly develop on the hands, they can appear on any area of the body.

Directions for the use of Wartrol state the product should be applied directly to the wart until it is completely removed. The natural oils in Wartrol trigger a response known as keratolysis, defined by medical terminology as simply breaking up hardened skin cells. Since warts are, in essence, small masses of keratinized skin cells, this would be an effective method of treating the condition. The makers of Wartrol advise strict hygiene including washing hands thoroughly with soap and warm water or using hand sanitizer. They also recommend informing intimate partners of HPV infections and refraining from scratching warts to prevent further spreading.

White noted, "While Wartrol has been proven effective in the removal of warts, it should not be used in the treatment of genital warts or those with hair growing from them. Wartrol does not claim to cure HPV. Though the product helps eliminate the visual effects of HPV, there is currently no cure for this virus. Those in search of safe, natural and effective wart removal may visit www.wartroldetails.com for my review of Wartrol and for ordering information."

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Wartrol Details is a website dedicated to uncovering the truth about the popular wart removal treatment known as Wartrol. The site includes unbiased reviews, research and information that will assist the public in making an informed decision before purchasing this product.