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Watson Burns PLLC Offers Legal Assistance for Lawsuits Related to Legal Malpractice


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2020 -- Watson Burns, PLLC, is a boutique trial company focused on winning high stakes civil litigation. Founded in the year 2005 by a team of dedicated and passionate law professionals, the firm has handled a broad array of lawsuits, primarily focusing its operation on protecting the rights of consumers and those injured or destroyed by others. Watson Burns, PLLC, was founded by Frank L. Watson, III, and William F. Burns. Watson Burns provides civil litigation services in Tennessee and throughout the nation.

"To achieve our goal, we are committed to maintaining a strict policy of accepting and litigating only a handful of litigations at any given time, with both partners evaluating and "signing off" on each new matter. Being selective as to our caseload enables the company and our staff to majorly focus their attention and energy on the significant issues our customers face," commented the company's spokesperson. "This model has worked more than we could have ever imagined and has led us to win a vast majority of our customers' cases defended by some of the most aggressive law companies in the country, including Williams & Connolly, Greenberg Traurig, Debevoise & Plimpton, and Baker Donelson, to name a few."

At Watson Burns PLLC, their Atlanta legal malpractice attorney offers a legal representation of victims of legal malpractice. In many cases that we have handled, we have found that lawyers, like doctors, sometimes do not admit that they committed an error and will fight hard to avoid taking responsibility for their failures. As a result, clients will require tenacious and experienced lawyers to fight for them. Victims of legal malpractice should file a claim in the assistance of a professional lawyer to proves that the lawyer is guilty of misconduct.

"Despite a clear legal duty to ensure that their products are safe, or at least not unreasonably dangerous, there is no shortage of new stories about producers who place more value on profits than they do on the health and lives of the citizens," commented the company spokesperson. "Attorneys at Watson Burns PLLC have been helping people recover just compensation for injuries and other losses caused by defective and unreasonably defective products since the year 2005. Today, they handle cases throughout Tennessee and are ready to put their experienced resources to work for their clients."

To definitively prove legal malpractice, it must first be shown that an attorney-client relationship existed. This can usually be confirmed through an agreement or contract. This agreement means the lawyer had a duty of care to his/her client. There must be proof It must be proved that the attorney breached the duty of care, and that breach of duty of care resulted in probably financial losses for the client.

About Watson Burns PLLC
Founded in the year 2005, Watson Burns, PLLC, has earned a strong reputation throughout the Southeast as a leading litigation company thanks to its success with class action lawsuits and other high-stakes litigation. Co-founder William Burns has been included on the 2015 Super Lawyers list for his work in class action litigation.