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Watson Home Improvements Discloses the Secret to Adding Value to One's Home

Homeowners often think of big projects, yet smaller ones will be effective also


Grimesland, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- When one thinks of home improvements which add value to the home, bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects tend to come to mind. Experts agree one should turn to a kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling Company Greenville NC for projects such as this as they do significantly boost the value, yet care must be taken. Often homeowners sit down with a bathroom or Kitchen Remodeling Company Greenville NC with grand ideas, yet small changes make a difference along with big ones.

"According to the National Association of Home Builders, adding another bathroom to the home, even a half bath, significantly adds value, up to 10.5 percent of the total value of the home. A full bath adds approximately 20 percent. This varies based on other features of the home, yet one should look to a Bathroom Remodeler Greenville NC when considering this option," Dillon Watson, spokesperson for Watson Home Improvements, declares.

When money is tight, DIY Network recommends focusing on smaller aspects of the bathroom, ones which help to provide an added boost to the room. Consider adding crown molding to the half bath, inserting a little texture, and focusing on decorative items such as light and sink fixtures. Doing so ensures a basic room in the home, such as a new half bath, really stands out in the mind of potential home buyers, yet won't break the bank.

In addition, one needs to consider remodeling the kitchen. Although many experts suggest one look to ceramic tile, stone countertops and other fancy features, Watson Home Improvements reminds clients the key to a successful kitchen lies in the workflow. Make sure the space is laid out in such a way that everyday tasks become easier. Most refer to this as a triangle and it remains of great importance when one is looking to buy a new home.

"Don't focus on the extras until the basic work flow has been fixed. Once this has been accomplished, move on to the extras in the room. Although stainless steel appliances may seem like a great idea, they won't even be noticed if the space doesn't flow. Many homeowners fail to recognize this basic fact and it hurts them in the long run," Watson explains.

Other remodeling projects to consider include converting an attic or basement into a bedroom or office, adding a whole new addition to the home, or finding a way to increase storage space, such as by adding a linen or coat closet. "With many home remodeling projects to choose from, homeowners may feel overwhelmed. Look around the home and determine what currently doesn't work and why. This is often the place to start as potential home buyers will likely see the same issues. This simple step provides a start to the process. Once it has been determined where changes need to be made, Watson Home Improvements is ready to help," Watson proclaims.

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