Way to Talk to a Child About Drinking and Driving - Legal-Yogi Guidelines

Adults and teens are aware of the hazards involved in drinking and driving, yet some still engage in this behavior. Perhaps it is simply an error in judgment – a person doesn’t realize just how drunk he is until he hits a pedestrian on his way home. Maybe it’s just that they truly feel they can “handle” the amount they’ve had to drink and so are safe to drive. The following will look into how to prevent this dangerous behavior by discussing some drunk driving facts for kids that may help to stop youngsters from driving while intoxicated later on.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2012 -- Some researchers say that the seed of alcohol dependence is sown into a person’s genetic makeup. Others don’t agree with that and believe that every individual has a choice about whether or not to drink to excess. Wherever the germ comes from that causes people to get drunk and then drive an automobile doesn’t really matter; talking to the children about the problem does. Gather up as many drinking and driving facts for kids as possible and share them with every young person nearby. By doing so, it is possible to curtail one child’s desire to get behind the wheel while intoxicated when he’s old enough to drive.

Be specific when talking about the effects of this behavior. Don’t try to sugar-coat the truth simply because one is talking to a child. Explain that every 30 minutes someone dies because someone else got into a car and drove drunk. Tell kids that over 16,000 people are killed in alcohol-related traffic crashes every year. They’ll be able to understand these facts once they’re age 6 or so.

Other drunk driving facts for kids that parents and educators must share include that every other minute of every single day, a person is horribly injured by a drunk driver. The people who suffer for the actions of someone driving while intoxicated aren’t just the driver. Families of those injured or killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents are doomed to a life of either taking care of their injured family member or mourning her absence for years. Teens who drink too much and drive their cars may be charged with involuntary manslaughter if their actions result in the death of another. Many of these teenagers require years of counseling to help them deal with the guilt their misdeed causes them. Be sure to explain to kids that drunk driving can be prevented if they get involved and take someone’s keys before they get in their car.

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