Joe Bragg Showcases What Happens When Tanning Goes Wrong


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2012 -- The tanning industry has exploded with growth over the last decade. Today, more and more people are using tanning salons and fake tanning lotions to enhance their skin tone. Sometimes, fake tans look good, but other times, they can look downright ridiculous.

One website that is getting a lot of attention lately is which focuses on extreme tans. At the website, visitors will find a showcase of some of the most ridiculous tans in the world. From muscular men with orange skin to ‘tanorexics’, has hundreds of pictures of horrible tans gone wrong.

Today, people tan in a number of different ways. Some people use spray tanner to coat their bodies. Other people visit tanning salons on a regular basis. And some people simply lie in the sun for a long time. isn’t specific about the types of embarrassing tans it wants to showcase. Browsing through its pages, visitors will find a wide range of the ridiculous results of tanning addiction.

In short, wants to make people laugh at fake tans. However, that’s not all the website has to offer. Many of the embarrassing photos on the website have nothing to do with fake tans. Instead, these pictures feature people with burn lines from lying in the sun for too long. Sometimes, the pictures are the result of lying in an awkward position. Other times, embarrassing burn lines appear after covering the chest with a book while lying on the beach.

In other words, isn’t picky about the types of embarrassing tans showcased on their website. A spokesperson for explained further:

“Tanning is a frightening addiction in America. It’s reached a point where ‘tanorexic’ has even become a term. So, we decided to create, which is now the world’s largest collection of funny tan lines, sun burns, and other ridiculously tanned people.”

Visitors can also upload a bad fake tan of their own. Clicking the ‘Submit’ button at the top of the page will take visitors to an easy application form. Using this form, they can submit pictures of themselves, friends, family members, or any other tanning picture they have found online.

Some people visit the website to understand how tanning can go wrong. Others visit to laugh at the embarrassing burns and tans of other people. Whatever the reasoning may be, wants to make people laugh at one of society’s most bizarre addictions.

About is the world’s largest collection of embarrassing tanning photos. The website features ridiculous burn lines from the beach and the crazy results of too much fake tanner. For more funny pictures and information, please visit: