Wayne Treasures of the World Is Set to Release a New Online Auction Site for Fashion Accessories This October 2013


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- Wayne Treasures Of The World, the creator and operator of several prominent online auction sites like and, is pleased to announce that they will be opening a new online auction site starting on October 2013. Word has it that this upcoming auction site will be auctioning world-class and luxurious fashion jewelries. According to the company’s management, the auction site will operate under the name of The people behind Wayne Treasures Of The World decided to open this new website, after a recent study concluded that the internet shopping industry has a shortage of dependable auction sites for fashion jewelries. With this latest development, gem collectors will not only have a reliable supplier of gems, but they will also get a chance to own fine fashion jewelries without having to spend a fortune.

Known for its high-grade and top-notch gemstones and jewelry, Wayne Treasures Of The World was able to sell more than 350,000 gems to 64 countries all over the world. With their verified sellers and online auction sites, Wayne Treasures Of The World has become one of the most trusted and established source of gemstones, silver and gold. After successful campaigns with a number of online auction sites, the creators and developers of Wayne Treasures Of The World decided to open a new website mainly designed to auction fashion items and jewelries.

Joseph Andrew Seymour, a representative of the company, said “We are well aware of the lack of dependable auction sites for fashion accessories on the internet today. As a reliable operator and creator of renowned auction sites, it is our responsibility to provide a good and proficient auction site for collectors of fashion accessories and jewelries. As far as I’m concerned, our new website will not only benefit the buyers and collectors of fashion jewelry, but it will also make a huge positive impact in the fashion industry.”

One of the newest additions to the Wayne Treasures Of The World’s collection of auction sites is the Gem Stone Auctions, as the name implies, is an online auction site for man-made and synthetic gemstones. Established in September 2012, Gem Stone Auctions has already auctioned and sold a great number of synthetic gemstones throughout its existence. At its official website, you will find a wide variety of synthetic gemstones being auctioned including opal rings, belly button rings, opal rings, earrings, bracelets, jewelry boxes and hair pins. Furthermore, they offer loose gemstones like sapphires, rubies, opals, and gemstone doublets. To get a complete list gemstones offered by Gem Stone Auctions, visit their official website at

Aside Gem Stone Auctions, Wayne Treasures Of The World has been able to develop a lot of other auction sites, including Opal Auctions, Gem Rock Auctions and Coins Auctioned. As with Gem Stone Auctions, the items being auctioned in these sites are all authentic. Moreover, their sellers are trustworthy, verified and established. With Wayne Treasures Of The World, rest assured that you will be able to get genuine and superior quality gems and jewelries.

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