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Recently, there was a headline saying that a drunk driver caused 15 traffic accidents and killed an innocent 67-year-old woman before he crashed into a house. He suffered minor injuries; others were hospitalized with serious injuries.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- would like people to know that there are many ways to avoid drinking and driving, including:

- Designate a Driver
- Call a Taxi
- Stay Sober
- Community “free ride” Services

Elect a Sober Driver

This is one of the best ways to avoid drunk driving. When a group of friends get together and go out for a few beers, be sure to nominate one person to stay sober. The designated driver must promise not to drink anything alcoholic for the evening. Everyone in the group must take a turn at not drinking so others can have some fun and remain safe. In this manner, the whole crew can relax and know they’ll get home safely, and that none of them will have to drive after drinking too much.

Order up a Taxi

In the realm of ways to avoid drinking and driving, this idea works quite well. If the designated driver slips and finds himself too inebriated to drive his friends home, the next best thing is calling a taxi. Everyone can share the cost of the ride and can be virtually guaranteed a safe trip home. Its worth whatever the taxi ride costs to know that no innocent people will be injured by an irresponsible, intoxicated driver.

Don’t Drink

This is one of the most successful ways to avoid drunk driving. Quite simply, don’t drink. It is absolutely possible to stay sober and still have a good time while out in the evening. One can go to a movie with friends, catch a football game that features one’s favorite team, or just go out to dinner – all without having to drink. Make a promise not to imbibe alcohol for the evening, and everyone will get home unscathed.

Utilize a Community “Free Ride” Service

Most cities and towns have a livery company that provides a free ride to anyone who is too drunk to drive, no questions asked. Drivers who pick up inebriated people do not pass judgment on them, nor do they make any disparaging remarks. All riders are treated with respect, making this one of the nicest ways to avoid drinking and driving. Generally, bartenders will be happy to call for a ride for someone who has had too many beers.

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