Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's Guide Offers Effective Steps to Offset the Disease


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- An informative guide dedicated to the prevention of Alzheimer's. Unlike many books about how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease which are full of medical jargon and scientific talk, BrainSEXy is an easy to follow road map to the best ways everyone from young to old should be doing now.

It started with that one story repeated until they thought they'd lose their minds, the same questions asked. Then keys repeatedly disappeared, and purses. Next came pots left to scorch on the stove, unpaid bills stuffed inside drawers. Her car mysteriously turned up on the other side of town.

After watching their once dignified, gregarious, vain mother withdraw from bingo, church and friends to start a knife collection beneath her mattress and peep, nearly toothless with a bedraggled ponytail, outside her window convinced anyone parked nearby was spying on her; son (Alan) and daughter (Charolette) slouched toward acceptance of their mother's deteriorating mental state due to Alzheimer's.

Convinced others were also terrified of contracting the disease, Alan and Charolette decided to face their fear by creating a simple to read guide of Alzheimer's prevention tips to slow the epidemic doctors see hovering on the horizon.

Keep Your BrainSEXy: Don't Lose Your Mind to Alzheimer's is divided into four sections:

BrainSEXYGames — mind stimulation to seduce our inner Einstein;

BrainSEXYWorkouts — daily dozens to get our blood vessels pumping;

BrainSEXYTreats — goodies to keep our soft nervous tissue supple and inviting;

BrainSEXYPosses — fun stuff our cuddly, kissable selves can do with others.

Although there is no cure for Alzheimer's, daily decisions made now, even small ones, can help build a brain that will last a long lifetime.

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