Ways to Rebuild Credit Score with Online Credit Repair Companies

There are print ads, radio ad, and television ads by credit restoration companies far and wide. The truth is, a person can fix his own credit without the “assistance” of these businesses. The following will explain how to rebuild credit by oneself, without having to pay huge fees to companies that offer to it for someone.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- Everywhere one turns, there’s some company or another hawking its ability and willingness to share the secret of how to rebuild one’s credit score. The thing about this is that anyone can fix up a sagging credit score by rebuilding their credit standing themselves. Some steps to help one do it include contacting one’s creditors to work out a mutually agreeable repayment schedule. Creditors like to recoup their money, so it’s very likely they’ll come up with some way to get it by working with the customer. If a homeowner is behind on his mortgage, call the lien holder immediately to let them know. Lenders, like other creditors, want to get back what they've lent, so they’ll be willing to help a borrower – but only if the borrower speaks up and state there’s a problem. Other steps to rebuild one’s credit consist of getting a copy of one’s credit report from all three major reporting bureaus. Look over the report very thoroughly, seeking mistakes, inconsistencies, and fraudulent items. If there are any, write some letters of dispute to the original creditor and the reporting bureaus. Explain why the items are being disputed. They then have 60 days after receiving the dispute letters to make a decision about the case. Most of the time, at least 20% of negative items are removed from one’s credit score.

DIY Guidelines to rebuild credit score fast

Some more ideas about how to rebuild credit by oneself are to start applying for new credit, but start small, with a secured credit card. A secured credit card requires that a customer put a particular amount of money into an account with the card-issuing agent. The agent then dispenses a line of credit for that amount. A secured card looks and works exactly as an unsecured one. Be sure to make monthly payments in full and on time, and eventually other, unsecured card issuers will be sending offers in the mail. Every month, when the bills come in, pay them. It sounds simple, but many people skip a month or two and then have to catch up. Paying them on time each month not only keeps their balances low, it also shows prospective lenders that one is able to be responsible with money. This goes a long way toward improving one’s credit and credit score.

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